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Fakultätskolloquien und Festveranstaltungen der Biologisch-Pharmazeutischen Fakultät




Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

16.15 Uhr, Hörsaal 4, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 3

Vortragender: Prof. Dr.  Reinhard Wetzker (Institut für Molekulare Zellbiologie, CMB-Zentrum für Molekulare Biomedizin, Universitätsklinikum Jena)

Titel: "The benefits of stress"



"What does not kill me makes me stronger" the famous dictum of Nietzsche is of formidable relevance in modern biology and medicine. Low doses of physical or mental stress can promote vitality of the affected organism. High stress doses overburden their adaptability and may kill them. In recent years research on adaptive reactions toward external stress developed as one of the pivotal research fields in biology and medicine. New ground has been broken for effective use of the health promoting effects of stress in medicine.

In this context my talk will touch two questions:

- How stress responses of cells and organisms are mediated at the molecular level?

- How to use the growing knowledge on molecular stress reactions in medicine?

Both issues will be underpinned by recent results of our DFG Research Training Group "Molecular Signatures of Adaptive Stress Responses" in Jena and by selected literature data.

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