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Being a Student in Jena – Learning for (Professional) Life and Having Fun

Jena has been and still is coined by students. Since the fall of the wall the student enrollment steadily increased, on average about 1000 students per year. The students of both the university and the college make up almost a quarter of Jena's citizens, which amount to 100,000 altogether. Of course, young people probably did not decide for the Friedrich-Schiller-University (FSU) of Jena because of it's rich student traditions.

Most probably don't remember the old student songs that where composed here. Do they know that it was here that the first fraternity was founded, whose black, red, and gold flagg symbolizes the spirit of unity, justice, and freedom since the 1817 meeting at the Wartburg? Today these are the national colors of the Federal Rebublic of Germany! In any case, todays high school graduates not only value the well organized courses of study, such as physics, psychology, german, and medicine (which usually rank high in the questionaires of well-known journals), but also the possibilities to engage early in concrete research. Modern auditoriums, a central campus and numerous Cafés as well as the pub-mile in Jena's Wagnergasse provide for the well being of students.

Example Soft Skills

Studying in Jena means more than just to prepare for a career by accumulating specific knowledge. Students of this city also train their "soft skills" in a number of initiatives, such as communication skills and social competences, which human resource coordinators consider as important as a good diploma.

Their foreign co-students are very important to the Jenaer students. With "Int.Ro" they founded a place where international and german students meet regularly for international breakfast, where students and their professors discuss questions of world politics in "Theme Talks", or where one can just meet for a relaxed cup of coffee, reading through international papers and magazines. Furthermore, the students, who all work honorary in their positions, mediate language-partnerships, and organize the "International Days", where foreign students present their universities and cultures. "To overcome foreigness" is the motivation of these involved young people. Additionally, "Int.Ro" houses the editorial office of "Unique", Jenas international campus magazine made by and for students.


"Unique" is just one of many communication-projects carried out by students. They are active in all areas of media with own products and productions, be it print media, radio, TV, or internet. Jena students even have their own "Communications Agency". Under the name of "Golden 20’s" students of various areas offer integrated communication concepts "beyond tread paths". As an example, they designed a campaign in order to get more students to report their permanent residency to the city of Jena in order for the city to keep its status as "big city", one with at least 100,000 citicens. Also, Jena students start early to take charge of their own professional careers: future economic scientists founded a club "Jena Business Strategy", which organizes exchanges with other universities as well as contacts between graduates and potential employers.

Example Sports and Music

Even the most diligent student needs a retreat from that much engagement ever now and then. In order to do so Jena offers a wide variety of possibilities, in some of them the University has a decisive say in the matter. Musically interested individuals have the choice between various choirs, or they can play their instrument within the academic orchestra. Those looking for a sportive compensation to the studying find a braod spectrum of opportunities with the university's sports club. One could relax with Yoga or Boule, learn Hip Hop or broadway dancing, follow the newest trends by playing ultimate frisbee or learning about self defense techniques. Furthermore, one can play volleyball or soccer, join the rowing team, start jogging, or swimming and make new friends. All information can be accessed via the extensive University internet offersat:

After training mind and body, one could meet with friends in one of the city's student clubs or explore the surrounding cities, which can be traveled to for free with the semester ticket. "On the verge of a long day" the "Med-Club" offers for more than 30 years now (and not only for students of medicin) music and dance while enjoying drinks at moderate prices: a coffee can be bought for 50 cents, and a fresh draft of beer is 1,50 Euro. Those who don't want to do without the traditional athmosphere meet at the "Rosenkeller". This down town student club formerly was a wine cellar and was remodeled by students in the 1960's. Since then the "Rose" offers live and disco music, readings, lecturs, and discussion groups.

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