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Information for International Exchange-Students

If you are studying for one or two semesters as an international exchange student at the FSU Jena and will not receive your degree from the FSU, then the following information is very important for you.


Before your arrival

Following your enrolment at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (FSU) you will receive information about studying at the FSU and living in Jena. This comprises a
Study Guide, information about the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the Enrolment-Guide. Please read this information carefully and thoroughly before your arrival in Jena. These documents will be your first orientation to the FSU, and additionally include lots of important information about studying, living and housing in Jena (ex. possible VISAs, residences, free-time activities) which will allow you to plan your stay here.

Course catalogue and module catalogue
Inform yourself as soon as possible about the courses available to you at the FSU Jena. In the online course catalogue "Friedolin", you will find exact course descriptions, information regarding necessary prerequisites and methods of evaluation. The course catalogue for the winter semester is available online beginning ca. 15th August, and the course catalogue for the summer semester is available beginning 15th February. Here you will also find the module catalogues for the individual institutes and departments.

Inform yourself before the semester begins about the credits granted by your institute or department, and the evaluations (examinations, research papers, etc.) which you will need to successfully complete in order to earn credits. Official and current information can be found at the ECTS pages. If you can't find any information particular to your institute or department, please first contact your Erasmus-cordinator. If necessary, you can also contact the International Office at the FSU Jena.

Please also inform yourself about the requirements of your home university!

You will receive help before and during your stay at the FSU from the Erasmus-coordinator at your institute. You can address all questions regarding your study subject to this person.

You can direct general questions to your Erasmus-coordinator or to the International Office.

In Jena, you will have a student tutor who will guide you through your stay. You can also ask this person for help.


At the beginning of your stay

Your courses
At the beginning of the semester, please speak with each of your instructors regarding the requirements for his or her course and the credits granted. This way you will know right at the beginning what your workload and responsibilities will be.

Learning Agreement and Onleila
Register for your courses via Onleila. This registration is a requirement for every exchange student and a prerequisite for receiving the Transcript of Records. When you register for your courses, you must enter the number of ECTS credits which you will receive for each. Information regarding the granting of credits can be found on the ECTS pages, or by asking your Erasmus-coordinator.

Please note: registration for courses via Onleila is not sufficient to participate in the course. Please also inform the course instructors, either in person or via e-mail, that you will participate.

After you register in Onleila, you will receive your Learning Agreement as a PDF document via e-mail. Please print this out and have it signed by your Erasmus coordinator at the FSU and by the International Office. This document must then also be signed by the coordinator of your exchange and the International Office at your home university. Please submit a copy of the completed Learning agreement which has been signed by all parties to the International Office of the FSU.

There will be an informational presentation about Onleila, Study Plans and Learning Agreements at the beginning of the semester which will include an open question/discussion session. The International Office will inform you of the date and time of this presentation, but you can also find that information here.

Granting of Credits
ECTS credits are not the same as marks/grades. The number of credits per course is a measure of the expected work load of that course.

Credits can be earned in every course. The requirements for earning credits are regular and active participation and some form of evaluation (written or oral examination, research paper, presentation) which may vary with the course type and subject. The number of credits is thus determined by the level of the course, number of hours per week, and amount of work required, and is determined by the faculty offering the course. Credits are earned by the demonstrated completion of the requisite amount of work, and the successful completion of the required evaluation and of the course.

You will not receive any credits for courses which you have not passed as per the requirements above. Credits will also not be given for attending, but not fully participating in a course.

Individual agreements between students and instructors regarding the granting of credits are allowed only in special cases. If you have a special arrangement with an instructor, you must inform the International Office of this agreement in writing.

The granting of credits and of marks is composed of:

1) Marks, called "Note/Noten (pl.)" in German

German Grade

verbal definition

1.0 to 1.5


1.6 to 2.5


2.6 to 3.5


3.6 to 4.0


4.1 to 5.0


2) ECTS Credits

3) ECTS grade

ECTS Grade

Performance places student in the


best 10%


next 25%


next 30%


next 25%


next 10%


improvement required to earn credit


significant improvement required


During your stay

Course card
After registration with Onleila, you will receive a course card in the International Office. This card shows all courses in which you will fully or partially participate during one semester at the FSU. Please keep this course card in a safe place, as it is a very important document! At the end of the semester, the results and evaluation of your course participation will be recorded on this card.

Please note: the course card may only be filled out by your course instructors.


At the end of your stay

Proof of credits earned
As soon as you know the results of your examinations/course evaluations, bring your course card to your instructors. They should fill out your examination results and course marks, then stamp and sign the card.

Submission of the course card
Once your course card has been filled out completely by your instructors, please give the original and a copy to the International Office of the FSU. The International Office will use this to create your Transcript of Records.

If your course card has not been completely filled out by the time you have to leave, please do the following: make a copy of the course card to give to each remaining instructor. The instructors should fill out this copy and send it to the International Office. You should still give the original, incomplete course card and a copy to the International Office. The International Office will create your Transcript of Records as soon as the remaining instructors have returned their filled-out copies of your course card. You will receive the original course card with your Transcript of Records.

Transcript of Records
The International Office will carefully check the information on your course card to make sure it is correct and complete, and only then will your Transcript of Records be created. You can either pick up your Transcript of Records in the International Office, or have it sent to you or your home university. If you wish to have your Transcript of Records sent to you or to your university, please give the International Office the address to which it should be sent.

Jena Certificate of Guest Studies
If you earn 20 or more credits in a semester, you will receive a Certificate of Guest Studies from the International Office. This will be sent to you together with the Transcript of Records and your course card, or you can pick it up in the International Office.



Please feel free to direct any questions you have regarding the recognition of your studies in Jena and the earning of credits to the International Office. We are here for you!


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