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The Leadership of the University in Jena

The President is the head of the university

He is represented by the Vice-Presidents and the Kanzler (Head of Administration).  The following units are directly subordinated to the Rector:

The Kanzler is the head official of the university administration.  He conducts the current business with agreement from the Rector.  The following units are directly subordinated to the Kanzler:

The Departments 

  • Department 1 - Studies, Controlling, Data Processing
    (Central Student Advisory Service, Student Office, Graduate support, Continuing Education)
  • Department 2 - Finances and Procurement
    (Finances, Outward funding, Treasurer's office, Procurement) 
  • Department 4 - Real Estate and Property Administration
    (General building planning, Inventory, Real Estate, Central Room Administration, Central Selection, Guest accommodations, Transport, Audio-Visual Technology, Repro-technology)
  • Department 5 - Personnel Affairs
    (Personnel, Staff planning/statistics, Education, Retraining, Internal Services)

The Offices

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