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Registration for the Winter Semester 2016/17

Re-registration for studying at Friedrich Schiller University (FSU) Jena in the Winter Semester 2016/17 is possible from the end of June. Only correctly re-registered students may continue their studies in the following semester.

The following information also includes details about changing one's degree programme or taking a semester on leave.




The full amount of the semester contribution (and if applicable fees) has to be paid to the university account before

15 August 2016.

Only those students who have re-registered properly will receive active students status in the university systems and will be able to register for courses in Friedolin, print updated study certificates and data pages.

Students who have not re-registered properly or after the deadline have to pay a late fee of 25.00 € according to the General Fee Regulations (Allgemeine Gebührenordnung) of FSU Jena.





Proper re-registration is based, among other things, on the payment of the semester contribution of 191.10 € in total. (Students who have been informed to pay Long-Time Study Fees [Langzeitstudiengebühren] have to pay additional 500.00 €, so their total sum amounts to 691.10 €.)


Please use the following payment details:


recipient: Universität Jena

IBAN:       DE09 8200 0000 0083 0015 03

BIC:          MARKDEF1820


reference: 162-XXXXXX-799

                  Name, Vorname


"XXXXXX"                  =   student number (Matrikelnummer, 6 digits)

 "Name, Vorname"     =   the student's surname and given name


This information may also be found on the Friedolin pages (see "Rückmeldeinformation") at after login.


Students are re-registered after the payment has been received on time and allocated and if all other requirements for re-registration according to the FSU Immatriculation Regulatios (Immatrikulationsordnung) and § 68 ThürHG (Thuringian Higher Education Act) have been met. Please note that - if applicable and notification has been given - the payment of Long-Term Study Fees is also a requirement.


The validity of the thoska card can be extended after the payment has been allocated. Then you may also print study certificates and data pages of the new semester from Friedolin.

If a student's Friedolin data still show the old semester and a validation of the thoska is impossible even though all payments were made on time, the guest- or short-time-students should contact the International Office (all other students please contact the Studierenden-Service-Zentrum) by early September, showing proof of the payment.


Please note that an allocation of payments is possible only if the payment details (i.e. code of reference and amount) are correct. If an allocation is not possible, the student must be able to provide a payment proof (account statement or electronically stamped cash payment receipt).



Semester on Leave:


Students applying successfully for a semester on leave before the deadline of re-registration may, but do not have to, pay the semester contribution. If the application is made successfully after this deadline but before the start of semester, students may apply for refunding the contribution. This however also implies that all benefits related to the semester contribution payment (semester ticket etc) do no longer apply.

Applications of a semester on leave should be made with the form available from the International Office (German students please contact the Studierenden-Service-Zentrum). Applications must include all signatures and documents mentioned on the form.



Change of Degree Programme:


Applications of a change of degree programme should be made with the form available from theStudierenden-Service-Zentrum by 15 July 2016  (programmes with limited admission) or by 15 September 2016 (programmes with unlimited admission), respectively. If the change is made into a higher programme semester or a similar field of studies, students must ask the exam office in charge to fill in the back of the form.



General Information and Questions:


Please note that henceforth the information about re-registration is being sent to your university email address () and can be  looked up in Friedolin at "Rückmeldeinformation" after login. This information is no longer being sent by post.

If you have any questions about the re-registration, the procedures or the amount due, please contact the Student Secretary in charge:




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