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DAAD-Examinations in English

Purpose of the DAAD Language Examination

The aim of our DAAD testing process is to check your abilities in the range of skills required to study in English language environments or to undertake work experience abroad. A DAAD certificate is part of the application process when applying for funding from the DAAD.

You are required to demonstrate your competence in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

DAAD testing is not available to students who need to prove their language competence for German universities or for courses as part of their general study programme. Students who need this type of evidence of language competence are recommended to take a language course offered by the SPZ.

Preparations for the DAAD Language Examination

Please allow yourself sufficent time (2 weeks) to complete the testing process. Requests for testing on the day of the deadline for applications will not give you the best opportunity to perform well in all skills, nor can we guarantee that an examiner will be available at short notice.

Students who have attended SPZ English courses:
If you have already attended English courses offered by the Sprachenzentrum, or if you have taken standardised tests (eg TOEFL, Cambridge exams or similar) it might be possible to use your grades as a basis for DAAD assessment. Please inform us about the courses you have attended and supply copies of any certificates you have so that we can take account of your performance in English to date.

DAAD Testing Process

Your examiners are Dr Hazel Slinn and Dr Sonja Bründl-Price.

Your tasks to be fulfilled:

  1. Download and print the DAAD test certificate from the following link and complete the personal information about yourself, your faculty and your reason for needing the test.
  2. Contact Dr Hazel Slinn at: . In the subject line of your email please put 'Request for DAAD test'. Advise Dr Slinn of your faculty/major subject and the deadline for your DAAD application. You will receive details of how to access the necessary reading and listening material, your writing task and an appointment for your speaking test. When you have completed the reading, listening and writing on your own you will attend the speaking test, which takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes. Following this your DAAD statement of results will be completed.
  3. When you come for your speaking test please bring the DAAD test certificate you have partially completed along with your application files and some form of identification (eg. Personalausweis, Thoska Card).


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