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Science and Scientists Live – All Ages Welcome

Jenaer scientist don't think much of hinding behind their books. Just as the students, science also coins the face of the city. Aside from finding memory boards on almost every house, telling the story of which famous personality lived and worked here, todays scientists are present all over town with their work.


In the "Goethe-Gallerie", a great mall right next to the campus, one will find exhibitions on newest physical developments and their use, or basic biological research or medical topics while shopping at it's stores. These exhibitions are often accompanied by public discussions with celebrities on research-political topics, or on important themes like education and future developments. That many University events are offered free of charge to the interessted public is self-explanatory in an academic city like Jena.

The Jena University cares for the young generations. Not only the high school graduates looking to study in Jena, but also the little ones in kindergarten and first grade can get in touch with science. A "NatWorking" initiative was founded at the Faculty for Chemical and Earth Sciences, which tries to bring science and scientist together with those eager to learn. Chemists for example do experiments with grade schoolers, where the kids produce pearls or candy themselves, learning to understand everyday phenomena. The "Imaginata", a workshop of imagination under the patronage of University, makes it possible for students to understand and experience natural sciences. Summerschool courses are offered to particularly talented high schoolers, in order for them to get an impression of studying by attending lectures, taking part in experiments, and preparing own reports. The university students themselves are concerned with their successors: the student association called to life the "Friedrich-Schüler-University", Schüler being the german word for pupil. The basic idea of this institution is a difficult task for the scientists, who have to try to explain their field of expertise to 8 to 10 year old youngsters and make them curious.

Example Further Education

But also for the older generations the university has something to offer: further education courses such as "studying beyond the 50", the "Senior-College", or "Studium Generale" offer opportunities for everybody to take part in the scientific and cultural life at the university. With "JenALL" an institution has been founded that organizes, and develops activities of further education. Those who prefer a more relaxed athmosphere can joint the "regulars table": "Meet the Prof" is held monthly in one of Jena's restaurants. On these occasions a scientist presents his field and is open to questions from the public. Often the discussions continue until late at night, but the scientists are engaged to the last answer, because they are aware: it is not far until home!

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