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Information for new international students

You have been admitted to studies at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena? Congratulations and welcome to Jena! We look forward to meeting you soon. Please see below for information about preparation, enrolment and starting your studies:


Enrolment and First Information

Orientation Days 

  • FSU central Study Orientation Days (STET, degree-seeking students only)
  • Welcome Days 26 March - 30 April 2018 (pdf, online in April); registration for some events
  • General start informationen for degree-seeking students (e-paper in German only, English pdf)
  • Masters Programme advisors (for Masters students only)
  • Friedolin introduction (handout) (please note Friedolin events during Orientation Days)
  • Erasmus Student Network Jena Summer 2018 programme (online in April)
  • free intercultural trainings for students and mentors (online in April)

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