Prodekan Prof. Xingzhi Xu, Dr. Claudia Hillinger und Prof. Thorsten Heinzel (r.).

Jena to intensify cooperation with China

A new agreement signed with Shenzhen University on extending the cooperation
Vice-Dean Prof. Xingzhi Xu, Dr Claudia Hillinger und Prof. Thorsten Heinzel (r.).
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper/FSU
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Published: 2 October 2019, 12:01 | By: Stephan Laudien

The special economic zone Shenzhen in China is among the most fast-growing cities in the world. Having approximately 3.000 inhabitants in 1950, the city has over eleven million inhabitants today. For three years, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena has now been connected to this dynamic region in eastern China. In 2016, the University of Jena concluded a cooperation agreement with the Shenzhen University, their collaboration being now extended by a new, expanded agreement.

“We have exchange of scientists and students with numerous Chinese universities,” says Claudia Hillinger, Head of International Office at the University of Jena. Currently, the University maintains 15 collaborations with Chinese partner universities, the one with the Shenzhen University is among the most extensive ones. Being founded in 1983, the partner university has around 35.000 students and is ranked 33 in China.

Exchange of master’s students arranged

In Jena, the existing doctoral programme with the University Shenzhen is managed by the Jena School for Molecular Medicine (JSMM) with several institutes participating: Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Institute of Pharmacy, and the Leibniz Institute on Ageing. During the four-year programme, the doctoral researchers from China spend one half of their doctoral research in Shenzhen and in Jena, respectively, and receive their doctorate ultimately in Jena.

The cooperation agreement, which was signed by the President of the Shenzhen University, Prof. Li Qingquan, and the President of the University of Jena, Prof. Dr Walter Rosenthal, includes the mutual exchange of students in master's programmes. The agreement was signed during the 9th International Meeting Jena–Shenzhen “Molecular Signatures of Adaptive Stress Responses”, held in Jena and in Leipzig, at which both partners discussed and defined their joint research projects. In addition to the collaboration in natural sciences, the collaboration will be extended to further fields, in particular to German as a foreign/second language.

At the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, currently 472 students from China are enrolled being thus the largest group of international students in Jena. Half of the Chinese students are pursuing a master’s degree.


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