Regelmäßiges, gründliches Händewaschen schützt vor Infektionskrankheiten.

Precautionary measures against the novel coronavirus

Cleaning your hands regularly and carefully protects against infectious diseases.
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The experts at the Robert Koch Institute, the Federal Government’s research institute responsible for disease control and prevention, consider the risk level regarding novel coronavirus in Germany to be “low to very low”. Nevertheless, the Friedrich Schiller University is monitoring the situation closely and is advising its staff and students to apply the usual hygiene precautions in order to minimize the risk of passing on this and any other infectious disease.

Further recommendations:

Avoid travelling to China

We strongly advise against travelling to China for the time being. If possible, use other forms of communication, e.g. video conferences. The Office for Travel Expenses will not approve travels to China upon further notice.

If you cannot postpone your trip to China, please turn to Occupational Health (, Administrative Assistance 03641-9-398101] for travel health advice regarding vaccines, preventive measures and safe behaviour. In such cases, supervisors must make the necessary arrangements for the travellers.

You have recently travelled to China?

If you have developed an acute respiratory tract infection including symptoms like cough, difficulty breathing and fever, and have travelled to the outbreak area in China in the 14 days before you began to feel sick, please call the Zentrale Notaufnahme (03641-9-322050), the central accident and emergency department of Jena University Hospital until further measures of coordination have been taken. The incubation period, that is the time between infection and onset of symptoms, is currently estimated to be 14 days.

Your workplace is frequented by many people?

Staff with frequent person-to-person contact or working in public places please apply the usual hygiene precautions: keep your distance, avoid physical contact, wash your hands regularly using soap, use hand sanitizer, and communicate via email, phone, and letters.

For the latest information and recommendations, please see:

Federal Foreign Office
Federal Ministry of Health
World Health Organization
Robert Koch Institute (in German)


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