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Data Management Plan

A data management plan describes the strategies used and measures undertaken during and after the duration of a project regarding the handling of research data. The goal is to approach and determine the technical, organisational and legal aspects of research data management as early as possible. Therefore the creation of a data management plan should be part of project planning, and is expected by a growing number of research funding organisations (e.g. DFG, EU Horizon 2020) when applying for research funds.

Based on the recommendations of the University of Bielefeld, a data management plan should include the following topics:

  1. A project description
  2. Existing types of data
  3. Data generated in the project
  4. Data organisation
  5. Administrative and legal aspects
  6. Archiving, data exchange and data publication
  7. Responsibilities and duties
  8. Costs and resources

Both, the WissGrid project's checklist as well as the Data Management Wizard of the KomFor project provide a good starting point.

At this point, the only existing tools for the creation of data management plans are those in the English speaking scientific community:

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