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Guidelines and Principles

Over the past years funding agencies and other initiatives released a number of principles and guidelines on how to manage research data. When conducting research projects funding agencies increasingly expect compliance with these guidelines and principles. While planning your research project and writing your proposal we recommend to study the relevant guidelines and clearly state how research data management will be implemented in your project.

Friedrich Schiller University Jena

A policy on the handling of research data and guidelines and recommendations on research data management were agreed upon by the senate of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena on December 20, 2016. Both documents were developed by a working group on research data management which consists of representatives of the university's central service facilities, the scientific community, the vice-president for research and the research data management helpdesk.

The policy on the handling of research data provides a first overview over general recommendations and best practices while working with research data. The guidelines and recommendations complement the policy and develop the general recommendations further.

German Science Foundation (DFG)

Following the Memorandum on Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice (1998, 2013), in September 2015 the DFG senate adopted a new Guideline on Handling Research Data  (PDF). A comprehensive compilation of principles, support and funding opportunities provides the DFG website Handling of Research Data.

Alliance Initiative

In 2010, the Alliance of the German Science Organisations adopted the Principles for the Handling Research Data. More recently, the working group Research Data of the Priority Initiative "Digital Information" published the position paper "Research data at your fingertips" (PDF, Februar 2015) which describes the current state and indentifies open challenges.

Europaen Commission - Horizon 2020

At the end of 2013 the European Commission launched the Pilot to open up publicly funded research data ("Open Data Pilot"). The two most important guidelines are the Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020 (PDF, version 3.0, 26 July 2016) and the Guidelines on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data in Horizon 2020 (PDF, version 3.1, 25 August 2016).


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