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National Initiatives

Informationsportal Forschungsdaten 

(Research Data Information Portal)

The Research Data Information Portal is a collaboration between several DFG (German Research Foundation) projects and is designed as a wiki on the topics of data management, data publishing and long-term digital storage. You will also find additional suggestions, as well as literature and further online services.

Allianz der deutschen Wissenschaftsorganisationen

(Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany)

Most major German science organisations, such as the Leibniz Association, Fraunhofer Society, Helmholtz Association, Max Plank Society, as well as the German Research Foundation and the German Rector's Conference, are members of the alliance. In addition to topics such as Open Access and virtual research settings, the correct handling of research data forms one of six key areas. In June 2010 the principles for the management of research data were adopted.

Deutsche Initiative für Netzwerkinformation (DINI)

(German Initiative for Network Information)

DINI is a collaboration between the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Medienzentren an Hochschulen e.V. (a working group of university media centres), German Library Association and the ZKI ( a partnership between the computer centres at German universities and research organizations). Its goal is to improve communication and information services and to support the necessary development of information infrastructure at universities, regionally and trans-regionally.

Nestor - Kompetenznetzwerk Langzeitarchivierung

(the German competence network for digital preservation)

 Nestor is a collaborative project between libraries, archives, museums and experts on the topic of digital preservation and long-term availability of digital resources. Nestor's main focus lies on training and education offers, found under the menu item "Training" on Nestor's website.

International Initiatives

Research Data Alliance

An initiative to simplify the exchange and re-use of research data across borders. Several working and task groups.

Association of Research Libraries (ARL) (USA)

Offers field-specific information based on the requirements of the National Science Foundation.

APA Alliance for Permanent Access

A European initiative with the goal of supporting the development of a Europe-wide infrastructure for digital information.



An organisation for the simplification of accessing data online, the acceptance of research data as independent publications and the archiving of data.


Data Observation Network for Earth is a network and a platform for the open exchange of research data. Among other things, DataOne offers tutorials and instructions on the creation of data management plans.

Online Tutorials

Helmholtz Open Science Webinare zu Forschungsdaten

(Webinars on research data)


Roman Gerlach


Christoph Rzymski


Prof. Dr. Birgitta König-Ries


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