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Research Data Repository

The institution of a university-wide, interdisciplinary repository for research data at the University of Jena is still in its pilot stage. This offer is intended for scientists who wish to archive their research data after their project has ended and cannot, or prefer not, to do so in repositories specific to their scientific field.

Generally we would advise to publish research data in repositories specific to your field. These ordinarily possess more features (e.g. particular search functions) and support your community's data standards.

The portal provides a good starting point and comprehensive search and filter functions to find a repository for your research data.

The following criteria should be considered when making this choice:

  • The long-term availability of the repository (if applicable through certifications) 
  • The assignment of persistent identifiers (e.g. DOI, URN)
  • The licenses and rights of use for the data

A catalogue of existing research data infrastructure is available through the German Research Foundation with the portal RIsources

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