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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who may apply for a DEGREE PROGRAMME and how do I apply?

Information regarding study programmes, requirements and the application process can be found on our website for degree-seeking applicants. Please note the deadlines for application for full time student.

How do I get a VISA for Germany?

Right after receiving your admission (in general the pdf is sufficient), you can apply for an entry visa at the German Embassy. Please see the information about visa and the application process on the webpage of the Federal Foreign Office. The processing of the applications can take up to 6 - 8 weeks. After enrolment, you can apply for a residence permit for the purpose of studying- more information thereto is explained by the Immigration Office of Jena (in German).

How do I find a ROOM in Jena?

Due to the housing shortage in Jena we advise you to look for a room/flat as soon as poosible and to also consider moving to one of the surrounding cities (for example Weimar or Erfurt.) The Studierendenwerk Thüringen offers rooms in dorms and apartments for students. Apply here in any case and note the application deadlines (15 January and 15 July.) If you wish or need to search for a room on the private market, please use our list of useful links.

What are the COSTS for studying and living in Jena?

There are no tuition fees. There are only charges for sports and language courses, which you can attend by choice. However, you have to pay a semester contribution, mainly for the student ticket. Students need approx. €700/month for rent, food, health insurance, books and personal items. Bring at least €500 in cash for the first month.

Is there a MENTOR who can help me after I have arrived?

Yes. There is a free mentoring programme for all international students beginning their studies at the FSU for the time after their arrival. Furthermore there is a specific mentoring programme from the International Office for the whole duration of your studies. You can find more information here>>.

Which HEALTH INSURANCE should I choose?

The insurance must be valid for the whole duration of your studies at FSU Jena. Students aged under 30 are expected to take our a German public health insurance policy (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung, e.g. AOK, Barmer, DAK, TK u.a.). We also accept a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).  If your scholarship sponsor has taken out a policy for you, please let us check whether we can accept it as equivalent. Students aged over 30 may take out a public health insurance policy only as voluntary members; they might take out a private German insurance policy (we accept Educare24, HanseMerkur, Mawista, Würzburger).

When does the LECTURE PERIOD begin and when does it end?

You can find information regarding the duration of the semester and the lecture period on the page Semestertermine. Also note the public holidays in Germany.

Where can I get COUNSELLING for questions and problems with my studies and life?

You can find an overview of all advisory and other services offered by the International Office here>>. General Services offered by the FSU are listed here>>.

I have FAILED an EXAM or think that my courses are too difficult- what can I do?

You can resit the exam for a second time. Maybe you should also consider changing your subject. Please come to the Central Advice Service (ZSB) for further counselling or go to your Studienfachberater. You can also inform yourself about the Betreuungsangebot at the International Office.

I FAILED TWICE - what now?

You might have to apply to the Exam Board to give you an extra chance (Härtefallantrag). If you also fail this third try, you will either have to quit your studies or change the programme (Fachwechselantrag). Beforehand, please go to the Central Advice Service (ZSB) and to your Studienfachberater for counselling. You will have to personally submit the application for a course change at the Student Service Center by 1 January or 7 July. Course changes have to be agreed upon with and brought to the notice of the Immigration Office (Certificate of study). 

Can I take a BREAK because I am ill or pregnant or need to raise my child or want to work as an intern or want to study abroad?

If the break during the lecture period lasts longer than 6 weeks you should apply for a semester on leave. Fill in the application and personally submit it at the Student Service Centre before 15 February or 15 August. Non-EU citizens should inform the Immigration Office. You shouldn't leave Germany for more than six weeks, otherwise your study visa will be no longer valid.

My visa (Aufenthaltsgenehmigung) runs out or my studies take longer than planned. How can I EXTEND MY VISA?

1. Make an appointment with the Immigration Office. (If you can't go to your appointement, please cancel it beforehands.)

2. Should your studies require more time, go to the Prüfungsamt for counselling. Remember to ask how long your studies are allowed to last.

3. If your studies exceed the standard period of study, bring a statement of the duration of your studies (form on FRIEDOLIN) to the Exams Office and then to the Student Service Center. Do this at least one week before your appointment with the Immigration Office.

4. To extend your visa, remember to take your certificate of study to the Immigration Office. Here is information regarding the residence act. Please note the information about the electronic residence permit.

My STUDIES WILL END soon. What do I have to do?

Congratulations! Now please fill in the Leaving Form, collect all the signatures on the second page and submit it to the Student Service Centre, preferably before 15 February or 15 August. The SSZ will issue a proof of leave. Your Thoska will be valid until the date of your exmatriculation.

If the examins office agrees, you may exmatriculate before your last exam or before you handing in your thesis. At the latest you must exmatriculate after reciving your diploma. Please note that your studies will be regarded as complete when you passed your last exam; the date given on the diploma regarded as the last day of your studies. This is especially important if you wish to apply for a visa as a job-seeker (max. period: 18 months)

Is there a WRITING CENTRE or who may help me with the writing of term papers or preparing an oral presentation?

The Writing Workshop will help all international students free of charge. You may also ask your fellow german students for help, maybe you can study together sometime.

Can I study PART-TIME to work or raise my children?

You can apply for a Antrag auf Beurlaubung or a Teilzeitstudium. Before, please go to your study counsel or your examination office to get more Information. Non-EU citizens with a Student visa should notify the Immigration Office when changing to part-time studies or taking a Semester on leave.

How can I get an INTERNSHIP?

In general students have to find an internship on their own. Here are a few Praktikumsbörsen with offers. Internships directly in Jena can be found here>>. You can also use the information and tips for applicants provided by the Arbeitsagentur and by the Career Centers.

Who will TRANSLATE my documents?

Contact a translation agency (Übersetzungsbüro). Professional translations may be more expensive, but they are always better.

Who will CERTIFY my documents officially?

The IO must not officially certify documents.

Instead you should turn to the Bürgerbüro or the Deutsche Renten­versicherung. Tip: bring the original and several (good) copies. The fee for the certification is 2.50€ per page. Apostilles are issued by the Landesverwaltungsamt Weimar.

Who needs my NEW ADDRESS?

Having moved house you need to inform the follwing institutions within 7 days: Bürgerbüro (here is the form for it), International Office (form), bank, health insurance. 

You do not have to inform the Immigration Office.

If you move from Jena to another place in Germany (e.g. for doing an internship or after finishing your studies), register your new address at the Citizens Registration Office of the new place of residence.

If you leave Germany for a certain period of time (e.g. for studying abroad or taking a semester on leave), inform the Citizens Registration Office about it (1 week before leaving). You need to inform the Immigration Office only if your residence permit ends during this period or if your stay abroad takes longer than six months. In this case, ask the Immigration Office for a re-entry visa (Wiedereinreisebestätigung) at least 3 weeks before leaving.

If you are leaving Germany for ever, inform the Citizens Registration Office 1 week before leaving.

I LOST MY THOSKA. How can I get a new one?

1. Ask the Thoska Office if it has been found. Ask them to invalidate it to prevent abuse.

2. Get a temporary ID at the Student Service Centre. Bring your passport.

3. Ask again at the Thoska Office. If the card has not been found after one week, apply for a new Thoska. 

A new Thoska will cost 10 €. You may pay at the SSZ desk with your EC Card.


Where can I find a JOB?

Jobs are offered at job fairs, at the Job Centre (Arbeitsagentur) or at the Infotake of the Studentenwerk. However, you will find that jobs are very scarce in Jena.

See the information here>>.

EU citizens (except Bulgarians and Romanians) do not need a work permit. Everybody else needs a work permit if they wish to work more than 120 days per year (8 hrs a day). If you are emploeyed at the university or library (as a Hiwi) it does not count into the 90 days period. 

I NEED MONEY to go on with my studies.

Please come to the IO or the Studentenwerk for advice.

You should not apply at the German State for subsidies such as Wohngeld or Sozialhilfe. This will tell the authorities that you do not have sufficient means to finance your stay and will jeopardize your visa.

What can I do if I feel LONELY?

Do not wait for others to speak to you; turn to them, ask them to drink coffee with you or go to the cinema together. Go to the international parties offered at the International Centre or by the Wohntutoren at the dorms. 

Tip: check the university facebook page which keeps you informed about events

I FEEL UNWELL or believe I won't be able to meet the requirements.

Please do make use of the free-of-charge, anonymous counselling at the IO or the professional advice of the Psycho-Soziale Beratung of the Studierendenwerk. 

I had an ACCIDENT or accidentally DAMAGEd something (eg. by fire or water).

You should always bring this to the notice of the IO and the Studierendenwerk, Abteilung Soziale Dienste. Some of the costs might be covered by one of the student insurances.

Bring it to the notice as soon as possible.

Where do I find CHILD CARE facilities?

In Jena there are three child-care facilities (Kindertagesstätten [Kita]) of the Studierendenwerk and many others in the city, but you have to register your child well in advance. On campus there is a short-time baby sitter (JUni-Kinder), but you have to register for it in advance, too. 

What is GEZ? What does RUNDFUNKGEBÜHR mean? Do I have to pay?

Every household has to pay Rundfunkbeitrag (previously: GEZ). Even though there is no TV, Radio or Internet Access in the flat. The good News is: if you share a flat with other People, you can divide costs between your flatmates. If you are already paying - make use of it, e.g. to learn/ practice your German. There are  a few interesting and helpful TV- and radioshows like Campusradio and CampusTV. For further Information look here>>.

Where do I find my RELIGIOUS community?

Here is a list of the religious communities in Jena.

I am in trouble with certain contracts, eg. accommodation, mobile phone, etc. Where do I get LEGAL ADVICE?

Please come to the IO for advice. There is free legal counsel available to students.

Where can I get cheap HOUSEHOLD items like plates and pans?

You might have a look at the Umsonstladen (lower part of the Market, opposite Apollo-Optik),  or at the cheap stores around the market place or in the big supermarkets. Ask your Wohntutor, too. 

The Umsonstladen will be happy to take your stuff when you leave if it is not damaged.

I LOST important objects. Where is the Lost & Found Office?

Ask at the International Office or Jena's Lost & Found

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