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School of Physics and Astronomy


I. General Information

Today the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy offers courses which continue the traditions of Physics at the FSU. They enable the students to work professionally in a broad field, ranging from advanced physical technologies in the areas of optics/photonics or solid state physics and materials science to astronomical research and theoretical physics with emphasis on gravitation, relativity and quantum physics. The University of Jena is one of the few locations in Germany offering courses in astronomy and doing research in this field.

The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy has established many contacts to other scientific institutes in Jena and to the local industries. The Institute of Photonic Technology, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering, the Thuringian State Observatory at Tautenburg and the Helmholtz Institute Jena are involved in the students' teaching. For example, students can work on their bachelor or master thesis in one of the above mentioned institutes under the supervision of a professor of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy.

For general information please visit our homepage.
In urgent cases contact the Erasmus Coordinator directly.

II. Studies and Degrees

The following degree courses are offered:


  • B.Sc. Physik
  • B.Sc. Werkstoffwissenschaft


  • M.Sc. Physik
  • M.Sc. Werkstoffwissenschaft
  • M.Sc. Photonics


  • Lehramt Gymnasium Physik
  • Lehramt Regelschule Physik

III. Awarding of Credits

For credit information see right column (Credit Overview) or the Module Catalogue.


Erasmus Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Malte Ch. Kaluza
School of Physics and Astronomy

Max-Wien-Platz 1
07743 Jena


Tel.: 03641 947280
Fax: 03641 947299

office hours: on appointment only


Credit Overview

B.Sc. Physik


Module Catalogues

B.Sc. Physik


B.Sc. Werkstoffwissenschaft


M.Sc. Physik


M.Sc. Photonics


M.Sc. Werkstoffwissenschaft


Course Listings



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