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Completed Collaborative Research Centres

SFB/TR 18 "Relativistic Laser Plasma Dynamics" (since 2004)

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Oswald Willi (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf)
Co-Spokesperson:Prof. Dr. Gerhard Paulus (Institut for Optics and Quantum Electronics, FSU)

SFB/TR 7 "Gravitational Wave Astronomy" (2003 - 2014)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Bernd Brügmann (Institute of Theoretical Physics)



SFB 580 "Social developments in post-socialistic societies, discontinuity, tradition, structural formation" (2001 - 2012)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Everhard Holtmann (MLU Halle)

Co-Speaker: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Best (Institute of Sociology, FSU)



SFB 604 "Multifunctional Signalling Proteins" (2002 - 2009)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wetzker (Institut of Molecular Cell Biology)



SFB 482 "Ereignis Weimar-Jena. Kultur um 1800" (1998 - 2010)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dr. Olaf Breidbach(†) (Institute for the History of Medicine, Sciences and Technology "Ernst-Haeckel-Haus")



SFB 436 Metal-Mediated Reactions Modeled after Nature" (1997 - 2006)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Matthias Westerhausen (Institute of Inorganic and Analytic Chemistry)



SFB 197 "Lipid organization and lipid-protein interactions in bio- and model membranes" (1993 - 2001)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. H. W. Meyer (1992-1995)
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wetzker (1996-2001) (Institute of Molecular Cell Biology)



SFB 196 "Physics and Chemistry Optical Layers" (1993 - 2002)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Bechstedt (Institute of Condensed Matter Theory and Solid State Optics)


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