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Profile Line LIFE

The Profile Line LIFE encompasses research in the areas Microbiology, Biodiversity, Receptors and Gerontology.
profile line life

The profile line LIFE includes the fields of Microbiology and Biodiversity as well as Aging Research and Receptor Research using High-resolution Microscopy. The tradition of microbiology research in Jena was established by Hans Knöll. The main research focuses are microbial communication and its interactions over time and research into the fundamental principles and therapy of sepsis. The profile lines LIGHT and LIFE are interlinked due to methods and technics addresses microbial interactions. Furthermore, a link to ecology is made based on research on interactions of microorganisms with their environment. The term “ecology” was, in fact, born in Jena. In 1866, Ernst Haeckel defined a new subdiscipline within biology which addresses the interactions between organisms and their environment. At the heart of its scientific interest, it is analysing the causes and effects of decreasing biodiversity, the interaction between geological and (micro) biological factors above and below the Earth´s surface, and the influence of biodiversity on ecosystem functions. The integrated development field of gerontology addresses research into biological aging processes, and their health-related and social effects.


The steering committee serves as the reporting and strategic body within the Life profile line. The spokesperson for the steering committee is Prof. E. Kothe (Professor for Microbial Communication) and the deputy spokesperson is Prof. Michael Bauer (Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine).

Erika Kothe, Univ.-Prof. Dr
+49 3641 9-49291
+49 3641 9-49292
Mikrobielle Kommunikation
Neugasse 25
07743 Jena
Michael Bauer, Prof. Dr
Jena University Hospital, Department for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
Erlanger Allee 101
07747 Jena
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