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Research Training Groups

DFG Research Training Groups (GRK)

International GRK 622 "Conflict and Cooperation between Social Groups. Dynamics of Intergroup Relations"

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Amélie Mummendey (Institute of Psychology)
Phone: +49 3641 930400
Fax: +49 3641 930401

GRK 1257 "Alteration and element mobility at the microbe-mineral interface"

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Erika Kothe (Institute of Microbiology)
Phone: +49 3641 949291
Fax: +49 3641 949292

GRK 1402 "Human Dignity and Human Rights - Origins, Development and Application of a Central Complex of Values"

Collaborative Research Training Group with the University of Erfurt
Spokespersons: Prof. Dr. Hans Joas (Max Weber Center Erfurt) & Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Knoepffler (Institute of Applied Ethics Jena)
Phone: +49 3641 945801
Fax: +49 3641 945802

GRK 1411 "The Economic of Innovative Change"

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner (Department of Economics)
Phone: +49 3641 943200
Fax: +49 3641 943202

GRK 1412 "Cultural Orientations and Institutional/Structural Order in Southeastern Europe"

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Joachim von Puttkamer (Historical Institute - East-European History)
Phone: +49 36 41 94 44 61
Fax: +49 36 41 94 44 62

GRK 1523 "Quantum and Gravitational Fields"

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Andreas Wipf (Institute of Theoretical Physics)
Phone: +49 3641 947130
Fax: +49 3641 947132

Research Training Group funded by the "Monetary Stability Foundation"

GRK "Foundations of Global Financial Markets - Stability and Change"

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Christoph Ohler (School of Law)
Phone: +49 3641 942261
Fax: +49 3641 942262

Partner at Research Training Groups coordinated by other universities

GRK 1020 "Mediale Historiographien. Media of History - History of Media"

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Friedrich Balke (Bauhaus University Weimar)

Partner at International Research Schools coordinated by non-university institutions

International Max Planck Research School "The Exploration of Ecological Interactions with Molecular and Chemical Techniques"

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. David Heckel (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology Jena)
Phone: +49 3641 571001
Fax: +49 3641 571002

International Leibniz Research School for Microbial and Biomolecular Interactions

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Axel A. Brakhage (Leibniz-Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology - Hans Knöll Institute Jena & Institute of Microbiology, FSU Jena)
Phone: +49 3641 5321400
Fax: +49 3641 5320810

International Max Planck Research School "Adapting Behaviour to a Fundamentally Uncertain World"

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Werner Güth (Max Planck Institute of Economics Jena)
Phone: +49 3641 686 626
Fax: +49 3641 686667

Helmholtz Interdisciplinary Graduate School for Environmental Research

Sprecher: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Olaf Kolditz (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Halle)
Phone: +49 341 235-1844
Fax: +49 341 235-2885

Leibniz Graduate School on Ageing and Age-Related Diseases

Spokesperson:Prof. Dr. Peter Herrlich (Leibniz Institute for Age Research - Fritz Lipmann Institute Jena)
Phone: +49 3641 656340
Fax: +49 3641 656335

Closed DFG Research Training Groups at FSU

GRK 761 Approximation and Algorithmic Methods (until 2005)

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Martina Zähle-Ziezold (Mathematical Institute)

GRK 768 Biomolecular Switches (until 2006)

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Stefan Heinemann (Center for Molecular Biomedicine)

GRK 266 Functioning and Regeneration of Degraded Ecosystems (until 2006)

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Stefan Halle (Institute for Ecology)

GRK 344 "Icons in Late Intiquity" (until 2008)

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Meinolf Vielberg (Institute of Classical Philology)

Marie Curie Research Training Networks (RTN)

RTN "European Twin Study Network on Schizophrenia" (6. FP)

Coordination:FSUJena, Clinic for Psychiatry
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Sauer
Phone: +49 3641 935242
Fax: +49 3641 935280

Partner at Marie Curie Research Training Networks (RTN)

RTN "Nanomaterials in Application in Sensors, Catalysis and Emerging Technologies"

Coordination: Queen Mary, University of London
Partner at FSU Jena: Dr. Mohr (Institute for Physical Chemistry)
Phone: +49 3641 948379
Fax: +49 36 41 948302

RTN "Protein Tyrosine Phosphatses: Structure, Regulation and Biological Function"

Coordination: University College London
Partner at FSU Jena: Prof. Dr. Frank-D. Böhmer (Institute for Molecular Cell Biology)
Phone: +49 3641 9325660
Fax: +49 3641 9325652

Partner at Marie CurieHost Fellowships for Early Stage Research Training, 6. FP

"Towards a European PhD in Advanced Drug Delivery"

Coordination: University of the Saarland
Partner at FSU Jena: Prof. Dr. Alfred Fahr (Institute for Pharmacy)
Phone: +49 36419449 00
Fax: +49 36 41 944902



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