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Self-learning tutorial

At the Multimedia Centre, you can improve your language skills with the support of tutors and modern educational software.
selfstudy turorial
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Every new language is like an open window that shows a new view of the world and expands your attitude towards life. Frank Harris

Self-access learning is aimed primarily at students of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena who have no opportunity to participate in language courses during the semester. With the help of a self-access tutorial, the support of a tutor and modern language-learning software, you can learn a new language or strengthen and extend your language skills. You can also prepare for your stay abroad. The main focus is on listening comprehension and pronunciation. Thus, the self-learning tutorial is a useful addition for international students to improve their German skills.

Your advantages?

  • Individual time management
  • Individual tutorial support (linguistically and technically)
  • Individual practice (phonetics, listening comprehension, speaking, vocabulary, grammar)
  • Improvement of your language skills even during semester break
  • Headsets can be borrowed although it is better to bring your own
Offered languages Show content
  • German: Niveau 1-5*; Lernsoftware: Rosetta Stone
  • Dutch: Anfänger-Fortgeschrittene; Lernsoftware: Tell me more
  • English: Anfänger-Fortgeschrittene; Lernsoftware: Tell me more
  • Chinese(Mandarin): Niveau 1-3; Lernsoftware: Rosetta Stone
  • French: Anfänger-Fortgeschrittene; Lernsoftware: Tell me more
  • Greek: Niveau 1-3; Lernsoftware: Rosetta Stone
  • Hindi: Niveau 1; Lernsoftware: Rosetta Stone
  • Italian: Anfänger-Fortgeschrittene; Lernsoftware: Tell me more
  • Japanese: Niveau 1-3; Lernsoftware: Rosetta Stone
  • Korean: Niveau 1-3; Lernsoftware: Rosetta Stone
  • Dutch: Anfänger-Fortgeschrittene; Lernsoftware: Tell me more
  • Polish: Niveau 1-3; Lernsoftware: Rosetta Stone
  • Portuguese: Niveau 1-3; Lernsoftware: Rosetta Stone
  • RussianNiveau 1-3; Lernsoftware: Rosetta Stone
  • SwedishNiveau 1-3; Lernsoftware: Rosetta Stone
  • Spanish: Anfänger-Fortgeschrittene; Lernsoftware: Tell me more
  • TurkishNiveau 1-3; Lernsoftware: Rosetta Stone

* Niveau 5 entspricht ca. B1.2 nach dem Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmen für Sprachen (GER)

Opening hours & room Show content

For health reasons, the self-learning tutorial is currently not offered. The new opening hours will be announced later.

Multimediazentrum: Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8, 2nd floor, room 216

Feedback from students who have used our self-access resources Show content

I really enjoy going to this course. I like very much that you can control your progress. In addition, I have the feeling that I do not come here only for learning but also for relaxation and having fun. Jesús, Kolumbien

I like the tutorial because of the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly and helpful tutors. Cabral, Kamerun

The tutorial is very practically because the students can exercise a language flexibly. And I like it because I am able to improve my German and English language skills. Mónica, Kolumbien

I like going to this course for learning German. Especially well we can practice the pronunciation and the listening comprehension. The tutors are very friendly and they help me both when using the software and learning German itself. You'd like to learn a language? Then come here! En-Kuang, Taiwan

Thanks to the tutorial I developed a better feeling for languages. By repeating the recorded sentences I improved my pronunciation in Portuguese a lot and now I feel well prepared to go abroad.
Katja, Deutschland

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