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Faculty of Theology


Vice Dean:

Prof. Dr. Michael Wermke

Prof. Dr. Corinna Dahlgrün

Faculty of Theology


Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Theologische Fakultät
Fürstengraben 6
07743 Jena

Tel.: 49(03641) 9-41000
Fax: 49(03641) 9-41002
Information: The Faculty of Theology, one of the founding faculties of the "Alma mater Jenensis", is as old as the university itself. Founded during the Reformation, the faculty was a center of protestant scholastics and strongly influenced by the Lutheran Orthodoxy during its first century of existence; later, it also represented certain forms of liberal theology. Many important theologians have taught in Jena throughout the years, for instance Johann Gerhard (17th century) and Karl von Hase (19th century).

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