Commission for the Protection of Good Scientific Practice

Commission acc. § 5 par 1 of the Guidelines for the Protection of Good Scientific Practice in Friedrich Schiller University

In 2006, Friedrich Schiller University established a commission for the development of, and compliance with, guidelines and regulations for the protection of good scientific practice in all institutions of this university.

The commission will be called upon to investigate into accusations of wrong scientific conduct. Its members are: a chairwoman or chairman (elected by the senate on proposal of the university president), the vice president for research (qua position), and a member of the Faculty of Law as authorized law expert.

The commission is authorized to call for one representative of each involved interest group (status group) of each singular case to sit in the commission as advisors. Furthermore, the commission is entitled to appoint up to three other people as experts with advisory function. It is assembled on request of one of its members and its meetings are closed to the public.

The most important groundwork for the comission's work is the

  • Declaration for the Protection of Good Scientific Practice, for further information please refer to this site

The current election period of the commission began on 1 April 2017 and lasts until 30 March 2020.

Members of the commission

Chairwomanship or chairmanship Show content
  • Professor Dr Markus Rettenmayr (Chairman, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy)
    (tenure of office: 1 April 2017 - 30 March 2020)
Further members Show content
  • Professor Dr Volker Michael Jänich (law expert, Faculty of Law)
  • Professor Dr Thorsten Heinzel (Vice President for Research, member qua function)

Confidants acc. § 4 par 1 of the Guidelines for the Protection of Good Scientific Practice (election period: 16 February 2016 - 15 February 2019)

  • Professor Dr Christoph Englert (Faculty of Biological Sciences/ Leibniz Institute for Ageing)
  • Professor Dr Michael Fritsch (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration)
  • Professor Dr Berhard Strauß (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Professor Dr Dirk von Petersdorff (Faculty of Arts)
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