Screen showing the doc-in portal

Admission, Enrolment & Co

How do I get an admission? How do I enrol?
Screen showing the doc-in portal
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

Doing a doctorate shouldn't involve additional red tape bureaucratic burdens for you. Still there are a few administrative formalities that you have to deal with. We would like to help you so that the steps to take don't seem like a "jungle" to cross. On the following pages, you will find information that will help to guide you. In case you are still having problems or are feeling lost, please visit the Welcome and Service Desk.

The triangle of starting a doctorate
How do I start a PhD in Jena?
Information for PhD interested
Hand that signs a supervision agreement
Supervision Agreement
How do I get a supervision agreement? What should it contain?
Justitia mit Doktorhut
Doctoral examination regulations
Where do I find doctoral examination regulations of my faculty?
Admission as a doctoral candidate
How do I get the admission? Which documents are necessary?
Woman holding a Thoska card
Enrolment / Withdrawal of Enrolment
How can I enrol as a doctoral candidate?
Hand mit Smartphone
Campus ID, WiFi, Library
How do I receive a campus ID? How can I use WiFi?
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