Mother with child who wears a doctoral hat

Family & Diversity

How do I balance family and doctorate? How can I do a doctorate with a disability or chronic disease?
Mother with child who wears a doctoral hat
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

The Friedrich Schiller University Jena is committed to the idea of Gender Mainstreaming and Diversity Mainstreaming. It pursues the goal of ensuring that all people have access to and can successfully participate in university education and science in a way that is appropriate to their opportunities and capacities. This includes measures to increase equal opportunities and equality between women and men, but also to ensure freedom from discrimination and equal rights for people with diverse backgrounds and situations. These goals are implemented by the Graduate Academy for the doctorate and postdoc phase.

Children of doctoral candidates playing with books
Doctorate and family
How do I manage to combine family and doctorate?
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Support for women in academia
Scholarships, advisory services and mentoring programmes for women
Person sitting in a wheelchair
Doctoral candidates with disabilities
Information on participation benefits and contact persons​ at the...
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