I AM A.I. - Explaining Artificial Intelligence

Hands-on exhibition which conveys artificial intelligence in a self-explanatory way from abstract concepts to everyday situations.
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How can a computer recognize which words I speak? Does artificial intelligence (AI) sometimes make mistakes, and how does a Neural Network learn? Answers to these and other questions on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can be found in the hands-on exhibition "I AM A.I. - artificial intelligence explained". The content is aimed in particular at all curious people aged 12 and over. School classes from the 5th grade and other interested groups can register for guided tours at iamai@uni-jena.de.

In addition to abstract concepts, the exhibition also addresses everyday situations. The goal is not only the explanation of facts, but also the critical examination of the topic A.I.. In addition to exhibits on speech and character recognition, for example, a simulation shows how A.I. learns through rewards. Another topic is the ethics of autonomous vehicles: Will A.I. make road traffic safer in the future? Interested parties can specify guidelines for decision-making, which the A.I. can use to react in unforeseen situations. In addition, Neural Networks - the core of important A.I. methods - can be trained by the visitors. They are fed data so that they recognize patterns faster and more reliably.

Admission is free of charge. Most of the exhibits are available in German and in English. The guided tours can also be booked in both languages. For more information for visiting the exhibition click here.

From 22.01. to 05.03.2023, various topics related to AI will be presented in Sunday lectures (ca. 16:00 - 17:00). The events in the context of the exhibition can be found here.

Background and partners

The concept for "I AM A.I." was developed by IMAGINARY gGmbHExternal link in cooperations with international partners. The development of the traveling exhibition was funded by the Carl-Zeiss-StiftungExternal link. In 2020, the exhibition was already opened as an online versionExternal link. The Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the Michael Stifel Center JenaExternal link show the hands-on exhibits in Jena.

Based on the exhibits of "I AM A.I." the team of IMAGINARY offers a course at the AI campus: AI Explorables for SchoolsExternal link, which Dr. Fabian Graap from the University of Jena was also involved in creating.