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Apply now for a voluntary classroom internship in one of the EC2U cities!
Lernen in der Schule
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The EC2U Alliance consults with the community. Join in the conversation!
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Meet potential research partners within the EC2U Alliance. Apply now!
waiting at the station
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A series of half-day conferences for networking with potential research partners within the EC2U Alliance. Welcome!
Good Health and Well-Being
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Join in the adventure in Pavia! Students of all disciplines can apply for a 4-day travel grant to discover entrepreneurship with fellow students from across Europe.
Students in Pavia
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Call for Applications is now open
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EC2U short-term mobility grants are available for researchers in the fields of language and cultural diversity. Apply now!
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Students of all disciplines are invited to find out about entrepreneurship - what it is and why it might be something for you.
Working together
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The 7 partner universities met at the University of Salamanca, 26-28 October 2021.
EC2U at University of Salamanca
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Application deadline is November 18, 2021.
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Invitation of Green Office at University Jena
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Im Master-Studium den American Way of Life erleben
Fulbright Stipendium
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