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Listen in on our podcast ‘Wege ins Ausland’, the podcast about going abroad
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'Wege ins Ausland' - the podcast about going abroad

The podcast ‘Wege ins Ausland’ is all about going abroad during one’s studies. The International Office of the University of Jena interviews staff members, lecturers, Erasmus+ departmental coordinators, and of course students. The podcast covers various topics such as the application procedure, preparation, practical tips for the time abroad, recognition of academic achievements obtained abroad, and many more. The podcast is in German, but everyone is welcome to listen in.

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Konstantin Haferland, internship South Africa
Episode 11, October 2021: Spending your practical year in South Africa with a Promos scholarship
Konstantin Haferland is studying medicine and spent part of his practical year in South Africa. He talks about an exciting time and unforgettable experiences that he would not want to miss. His trip was supported by a Promos scholarship.
Image: Konstantin Haferland
Audio: University of Jena
Sitzendes Paar
Episode 10, July 2021: As a couple in Milan. My summer semester 2021
Julia Freitag spent the 2021 summer semester in Milan, Italy, together with her husband. Find out here what experiences she had and what tips she would like to pass on.
Image: Văn Thắng auf pexels.com
Audio: University of Jena
Brainstorm Business
Episode 9, June 2021: International start-ups—the University as stepping stone
Do you have an idea that might have start-up potential? Are you an international student/researcher or would you like to position yourself internationally? If so, the International Start-up Campus, an initiative of the University’s K1 Business start-up service is the right place for you!
Image: rawpixel, Pixabay
Audio: University of Jena
Multicoloured integration
Episode 8, May 2021: Reasons for going abroad, part II
There are many reasons for spending one or two semesters abroad during one’s studies. We asked students about their motivation for doing so. In part II, Anna, Lisa, Luisa, and Tim give reasons why they decided to go to the US, Ireland, and Spain.
Image: LIU Yuxin
Audio: University of Jena
Episode 7, April 2021: BAföG for studying abroad
BAföG for studying abroad is one of the most popular ways to finance international stays. Gottfried Krebs, Head of Department Student Finance of the Thuringian Student Services Organization, explains how it works.
Image: Pixabay
Audio: University of Jena
Training Genoa
Episode 6, January 2021: Staff mobility—going abroad for further professional training
Dr Dorothea Spaniel-Weise who is a research associate at the Department German as a Foreign and Second Language and Intercultural Studies as well as Erasmus+ subject-specific coordinator has been abroad several times in the framework of the International Office’s staff mobility programme.
Image: Dr. Joachim Gerdes (Genua)
Audio: University of Jena
Rebecca Blanz Podcast Session 5
Episode 5, December 2020: Spending one semester at Ole Miss in Oxford, USA
Rebecca Blanz spent a semester at the University of Mississippi, nicknamed ‘Ole Miss’, in the US. She explains how she prepared for the stay and how she experienced her studies and student life abroad.
Image: Rebecca Blanz
Audio: University of Jena
motivation letter
Episode 4, November 2020: Application procedure for studying abroad
The application deadlines for studying abroad in the next academic year are approaching. The application deadline for Promos scholarships is 1 November 2020, while for a stay in the US or in Canada it is 30 November 2020, and for all other destinations within and outside Europe it is 15 January 2021.
Image: Pixabay
Audio: University of Jena
Into the Infinite
Episode 3, October 2020: Reasons for studying abroad, part I
There are many reasons for spending one or two semesters abroad during one’s studies. We asked students about their motivation for doing so. Sarah, Irena, Laura-Madleen, and Judith will talk about why they decided to go to the US, the Czech Republic, and France.
Image: Tomke Kahl
Audio: University of Jena
Luisa Wöllner Podcast Session 2
Episode 2, July 2020: Stay abroad at the University of Jaén in Spain
‘Bienvenido a España’—welcome to Spain, to Jaén to be precise, a city located in the Southeast of the country. This is where Luisa Wöllner spent the winter semester 19/20. She talks about her preparations and arrival and gives advice on finding an apartment and getting to know new people, on studies and field trips, and much more.
Image: Luisa Wöllner
Audio: University of Jena
Episode 1, June 2020: Studying at a partner university of Friedrich Schiller University Jena
In this episode, we will interview Jana Blumenstein, coordinator for stays abroad of the International Office. She elaborates why going abroad is a good thing during one’s studies, when the best time is, how to find the right university, what to consider when choosing courses, and how to finance a stay.
Image: Carolin Edlinger
Audio: University of Jena
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