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Last update 7 July 2020, 12:00.

General situation

In some parts of Germany there is a restriction on contact in public places; in Thuringia and Jena these are recommendations since 13.6.2020. See the detailled regulations of the City of Jena. In Jena, it is currently mandatory to wear a mouth and nose mask in doctor's surgeries/clinics, on public transport, in shops, and offices. In restaurants, at public events, and in facilities with public access in closed rooms, the contact details are recorded.

Please check regularly the information - also about hygienic rules - of

We ask all members of the University to show solidarity with their fellow students and co-workers and speak up against any discriminating remark or behaviour. Keep each other safe by social distancing.

Entering and leaving Germany

Entering Germany Show content
  • Please note the information of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Foreign Office, and the City of Jena.
  • Entry from certain countries on the "positive list" agreed by the EU member states is currently possible without restrictions.
  • Entry from others countries is possible only if proof of an important reason can be provided. The commencement or continuation of studies will be recognised as an important reason for entry. Students and applicants should therefore be able to present a currently valid certificate of study or admission to studies.
  • Persons arriving from EU countries, Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are not required to undergo quarantine if the number of newly infected persons in the state in question in relation to the population does not exceed 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 7 days (see map).
  • Persons entering from other countries/regions with high infection rates
    • must register at the health office of your place of residence (Jena: 03641-49 2222 or within 7 days,
    • must stay in quarantine in the apartment for 14 days immediately after entering Jena. (Persons living in the household who have not been in the risk area are not subject to quarantine. Nevertheless, an attempt should be made to limit contact with these persons.)
    • are asked to inform us:
  • In case of showing Covid-19 symptoms: email or call the fever telephone of the city of Jena: +49 03641 493333 and inform us:
  • Please report to your landlord (students: e.g. the Studierendenwerk housing administration), when you return/enter from a risk area (see above), if you have to go into quarantine, or are ill.
  • New residents must register with the Residents' Registration Office within 14 days. If you are in quarantine during this period, book your registration date for immediately afterwards. Keep the appointment confirmation and your dated travel documents as a proof.
Leaving Germany Show content

Please note the information of the German Foreign Office.

Also note the information of the country to which you will travel.

Specific information

On the following pages you will find specific information on the Corona situation for international students, guest researchers, and on the stay abroad for students.

Internationale Studierende in der Aula
Corona situation
Information for international students
Welcome Point - Teaching and research in Jena
Service and information for international visiting scientists and ...
Students staying abroad
Programmes and support for students of FSU Jena

International employees and doctoral candidates

If you have any questions regarding your arrival or stay, please contact your superiors or the Division of Human Resourcesde.

Doctoral candidates find specific information at the Graduate Academy.

International Office
Fürstengraben 1
07743 Jena
+49 3641 9-401500
Opening hours:
To avoid the spread of the Corona virus, there are no office hours until further notice. Please contact us by email.
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