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Alumni definition 

The term Alumnus/Alumna derives from Latin and means nurseling or foster child. In English-speaking countries, where the term alumni stands for graduates or former students of a university or other seat of learning, alumni work has a long tradition. In Germany, it is becoming more and more important, too. In the context of its alumni work, Jena University takes care of (former) students, teachers and researchers but also administrative staff.

JenAlumni - network and services

What does »JenAlumni« actually mean?

  • JenAlumni stands for the interdisciplinary alumni network at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (FSU).
  • JenAlumni is also the central alumni service at Jena University, taking care of all matters of alumni work at university. The alumni office is staffed by an alumni coordinator and belongs to the communications office.
  • JenAlumni serves as a kind of umbrella organization for the existing alumni initiatives at university and is targeted to support and promote these initiatives' work.
  • At the same time, JenAlumni wants to provide services for those alumni who wish to establish contact with their alma mater. If an alumnus registers for JenAlumni, he or she will receive a note and the offer to become part of the subject-based alumni initiative. If there is no such initiative, yet, that person will be in good hands with JenAlumni. Our services are comprehensive.
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