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Winter 2020/2021
Snow covered Schiller
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)

News in brief

Lasershow zum Sommerfest der Uni Jena Lasershow zum Sommerfest der Uni Jena Image: Jürgen Scheere (University of Jena)

New mission statement adopted

What does the University of Jena stand for? What values do we want to live by? Where can we find guidance for the future? The university’s new mission statement provides answers to these questions. After a nine-month consultation process involving all those involved at the university, the document was adopted by the Senate on 16 February. Take a look at the mission statement, which commits the university to an open and democratic society, and find out how it was created. more

News of the project “European Campus of City-Universities”

Friedrich Schiller University Jena is receiving funding as part of a new EU project. The project links the university with six other European universities with long histories: Coimbra (Portugal), Iași (Romania), Pavia (Italy), Poitiers (France), Salamanca (Spain) and Turku (Finland). The aim of the alliance is to create an innovative space that enables freedom of movement between the seven universities and their cities. On 4 and 5 February, the first EC2U forum was held online. more 

MHFA – First aid for mental health

Since January, Friedrich Schiller University Jena has had a Mental Health First Aid Team. The team offers emergency help to people with mental health issues and is available to all those working or studying at the university. The counsellors do not make diagnoses, but they will listen and provide easily accessible help. The team will then refer you on to people who can give you further assistance. The counselling sessions are strictly confidential.  more

Wednesday Get-Together

The corona virus has brought about dramatic changes. Students in particular miss the contact with their friends and others on their courses. Two female students want to give students a platform to meet up virtually at the “Wednesday Get-Together”. At these weekly Zoom meetings every Wednesday evening, you can share your frustrations, arrange to meet in study groups, and join students from all subjects and different years to talk about course-related matters and everything else under the sun. more de

Remembering the victims of National Socialism

On 27 January, the victims of National Socialism were commemorated around the world. The date is also the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp. Prof. Jens-Christian Wagner is an expert on commemoration. Not only has he been Professor of the History in the Media and the Public Sphere since 1 October 2020, but he is also director of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation. In the interview, he explains the significance of this day of remembrance – for him personally, for Thuringia and for the victims of Nazi rule. more

Start-up Safari

The “Startup Safari”, where start-ups from Jena present their ideas, took place on 20 November. The event was organised by JenaDigital. The recording of the “Safari” can be seen on the JenaDigital Youtube channel and they give interesting insights into Jena’s start-up culture. Among other things, it includes a Resilience Workshop.

Second-favourite university in Germany

We are especially proud of the 95-per cent recommendation rate by former students, which puts us among the top universities. A great endorsement – particularly in these challenging times.

Top Universität Top Universität Image: Beate Gräf

Alumni news

Alumni Initiative Applied Ethics Alumni Initiative Applied Ethics Graphic: Anne Leigers

New alumni initiatives
Applied Ethics and Conflict Management

The Alumni Initiative for Applied Ethics and Conflict Management is aimed at all former and current students of the programme.

The main objective is for students to get in touch or stay in contact with one another. The network therefore wants to provide a platform for them to interact, and it also gives people the opportunity to support each other, even after graduating. The focus in this area is mainly on getting that first job and career progression.

The plan is to send a regular newsletter that will inform readers about current developments and events, but will also contain personal experiences, both work-related and on other subjects. This last feature in particular is intended to offer support to students who are nearing the end of their Master’s programme and are about to begin their professional career.

The two initiators would welcome all registrations or questions and they can be contacted by e-mail. more de

Our researcher alumni service

Increasing numbers of international scientists are attracted to the University of Jena to do research and to work. As research alumni, they end their stay and then pursue academic careers all over the world. However, the emotional connection with their former academic host often lasts a lifetime. The Welcome Point of FSU Jena would like to bring former guest researchers into a worldwide Researcher Alumni Network that will inform them about services, activities, projects and job vacancies. This will enable them to stay in regular contact even after finishing their research in Jena. In this way, they can also act as ambassadors, for example, and interest young researchers in going to FSU Jena for a research stay. more

Career boost for graduates

Graduates can take part in the courses and events put on by our Career Points service. Students often have a greater need for information just after graduating, so that they can prepare themselves for job-hunting. Our careers service offers regular workshops or talks, for example on job interviews or CVs, which are also open to former students who graduated fairly recently. more


Werbung Deutschland-Stipendium Werbung Deutschland-Stipendium Graphic: Susanne Bukatz

University Info Days 2021

Do you think fondly of your student days in Jena? If so, you have probably told your friends and family about those times. If someone you know is tempted by the idea of studying at the University of Jena, they can find out more during our University Info Days. Please note the various formats of the events:


On Monday 3 May 2021, you can take part in JOIN IN – the virtual information day of the International Office and the Master’s Service Centre of the University of Jena on the following topics:

  • First degree, DSH course (language course for admission to a German university), Studienkolleg (for university preparatory course): information for prospective international students and their families
  • Master’s programme: information on the Master’s degree programmes at the University of Jena for all those who are interested
  • Being a visiting student at the University of Jena: information for future visiting students and our partner universities
  • Studying abroad: 1-2 semesters abroad as part of a degree course at the University of Jena. Programme, funding and organisation

From April, find out more here de and tell your friends, family, alumni and fellow students.

Online University Info Days

The regular University Info Days of the University of Jena (Hochschulinfotage, HIT) run from 17 to 31 May 2021, with numerous online events.

  • How do I apply?
  • How do I fund my studies?
  • Can I also go abroad during my studies?
  • What subjects can I study in Jena?
  • And how do I find the right subject for me?

Find out more. de

HIT 2021 HIT 2021 Graphic: Susanne Bukatz
Print from the exhibited Jiddica. Print from the exhibited Jiddica. Image: ThULB /Universität Jena

If you have the chance…

Tora, Talmud, Tefillot: five centuries of Jewish literature

The university library is showing rare Jewish documents in an exhibition that includes exceptional items, such as karaite tracts from the Turkish siege of Buda and the Schmuel-Bukh. The exhibition is open from 18 November 2020 to 19 November 2021 in the exhibition room of the foyer of the ThULB (Thuringian University and State Library).

Among the exhibits are medieval manuscripts, including a large Bible manuscript and karaite Jewish tracts looted by the Turks from Buda in the 16th century. The exhibition collection also includes rarely exhibited first printings of Talmud and Bible editions from the Venetian printworks of Daniel Bomberg. But liturgical works, rare Yiddica such as the Shmuel-Bukh and old Hebrew parchment fragments in book bindings from lesser-known places of publication are also on display. They provide insights into Jewish intellectual life in Europe during the Middle Ages and the early modern period. The exhibition has been organised in collaboration with the Faculty of Theology of the University of Jena.

Due to the existing measures to restrict the Corona pandemic, access to the exhibition is only possible for three people at a time. Anyone interested in seeing the exhibition should report first to the Z-Info-Theke (information desk) at the ThULB and they will then be admitted to the exhibition. more

Alumni video tip: Reunification Villa ("Villa Einheit")

The year after German reunification, a number of medical students in Jena occupied and renovated an old villa. They became a symbol of a generation of young East Germans for whom the fall of the Berlin Wall came at just the right time. Using unorthodox methods, they removed 40 years of fungus and founded a “partnership of private happiness”. Thirty years later, they have become IT consultants and medical specialists in Germany, Britain, Switzerland and the USA. They meet again in the yard of the house that they had squatted in and spruced up, to take stock of reunification from their own personal points of view. A wonderful film about these University of Jena alumni is available in the ARD television channel’s Mediathek (media library) until 5 October 2021. more

A museum visit with a difference: a virtual journey through the history of SCHOTT

When guests visit SCHOTT Villa in Jena, they can use their smartphone and the SCHOTT Villa app to go on a virtual journey through history. With Augmented Reality projection, marketing technology start-up rooom AG has brought the company’s founder back to life and animated his three-dimensional image. This lifesize Otto Schott greets each guest, who then follows an audio guide through the story of Schott’s life and work. more

Until museums and other sights open again, you can enjoy virtual visits of:

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