Carl Zeiss Foundation

Carl Zeiss Foundation
Image: Carl Zeiss Foundation

Securing the future.
Promoting visionary science.
Facilitating innovative applications.

Founded in 1889 by the physicist and mathematician Ernst Abbe, the Carl Zeiss Foundation is one of the oldest and biggest private science funding institutions in Germany.

The Foundation considers itself to be a partner for people engaged in visionary and outstanding academic work in the fields of natural science and engineering. Basic research and application-orientated science are equally important to it. The goal is to create an open environment for scientific breakthroughs in both disciplines.

In 2018, the Carl Zeiss Foundation took the opportunity to support large thematic research associations selected by international reviewers. Thus, projects such as the Jena Alliance Life in Focus were identified, which, in addition to international excellence in research, are characterized above all by an application-oriented approach.

The name ‘Carl Zeiss Foundation’ was chosen by Ernst Abbe, who wanted to honour the merits of the man who laid the ground for the foundation companies and earned lasting credit for the connection between science and technology.

Carl Zeiss Foundation


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