Honorary Guest Lecture

Honorary Guest Lectures

Special lecture series offered by the Jena Alliance "Life in Focus" – A Project of the​ Carl Zeiss Stiftung
Honorary Guest Lecture
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The Jena Alliance is dedicated to provide doctoral training at modern, international standards, and to establish new and innovative instruments to promote interdisciplinary elements within the graduate programs of its member schools. As one part of these goals, it is our vision to establish the Honorary Guest Lectures as a highly attractive, interdisciplinary, keynote lecture series.

Criteria for speakers and topics

The speakers of the Honorary Guest Lectures will be scientists with an outstanding international reputation and track record who are able to give an overview on a scientific field of immediate interest, with a substantial societal impact. The presented topics should lend themselves to address and to attract the LIGHT-LIFE scientific community in Jena. The scientific level of the talks can be targeted mainly at the doctoral students of the above-mentioned graduate schools. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to, e.g., science and society, scientific or technological breakthroughs, digitalization, artificial intelligence, health and climate, mobility of the future, just to name a few.

Organization of the lectures

The lectures can be held in either hybrid/online format or on-site; depending on the availability of the speaker. It is planned that each lecture shall attract at least 150 participants. The Jena Alliance executive office is in-charge of the lecture's organisation.

Call for proposals and available funds

The Jena Alliance calls for proposals for keynote speakers, who could be invited to give a Honorary Guest Lecture in Jena. This call is open and addressed to all principal investigators, principal scientists, teaching faculty, doctoral researchers, and postdocs of the above-mentioned graduate schools. The engagement and commitment of the guest and the inviting faculty will be generously supported by the existing funds of Jena Alliance. Moreover, the inviting faculty may also invite the keynote speaker to spend a certain amount of time as a guest or visiting researcher at his or her institute in Jena, which will be also remunerated by the Jena Alliance.

To propose a speaker, please write an email to maria.langhammer@uni-jena.de along with the following information:
Name, Institution/Position, Area of Research.


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