Center for Teacher Education and Educational Research

The Center for Teacher Education and Educational Research conduct high-end research on teacher education and the teaching profession.

At the Center for Teacher Education and Educational Research scientists of all teacher-educating faculties come together to work on developing an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teacher education program and conduct high-end research on teacher education and the teaching profession. The Center supports the organization, evaluation and transdisciplinary development of the Jena Model of Teacher Education. It emphasizes cooperation between core sciences, didactics and educational sciences within the University and supports networks between schools and further institutions related to teacher education outside the University.

A key task of the Center is to undertake research on teacher education. As well as an emphasis on accompanying research on the Jena Model of Teacher Education - especially during the practical semester - the Center, with its a graduate PhD program, enhances crossdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects on didactics and educational research and supports young researchers.

With the Center taking a leading role, the University has successfully entered the “Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung”, funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research. The project “ProfJL: Getting it right from the beginning. Teacher professionalization in the Jena Model of Teacher Education” aims to empower a reflexive culture of teacher education. It intends to enable student teachers to act professionally based on their knowledge and actions and to encourage an attitude of continuous self-education and lifelong learning.

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Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Laurenz Volkmann
Lehrstuhl für Englische Fachdidaktik


Board Members

Prof. Dr. Michael May
Professur für Didaktik der Politik

Prof. Dr. Alexander Gröschner
Lehrstuhl für Schulpädagogik und Unterrichtsforschung

Prof. Dr. Rolf Steyer
Lehrstuhl für Methodenlehre und Evaluationsforschung

Prof. Dr. Bärbel Kracke
Lehrstuhl für Pädagogische Psychologie

Prof. Dr. Peter Gallmann
Lehrstuhl für Deutsche Sprache der Gegenwart (Grammatik)

Prof. Dr. Michael Fothe
Professur für Didaktik der Informatik/ Mathematik


Scientific Director

PD Dr. Karin Kleinespel

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