Networking with partners from science, the city and business


JenaVersum is the network of science, business and city in the Jena region
Networking with partners from science, the city and business
Image: JenaVersum/Anna Schroll

JenaVersum - space for visionary thinking

As a cooperative network, JenaVersum strengthens the dialogue between science, society and business. Our common goal is to create optimal conditions for excellent research, to communicate the strength of the location globally and to further develop the common living space.

In November 2021, JenaVersum was founded as non-profit association for the promotion of science and research.

For further information visit: jenaversum.deExternal link

The office is supported by funds from the university allowance and the Carl Zeiss Foundation.

Who are the partners of JenaVersum?

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You can find a portrait of all partners here.External link

What are the goals of JenaVersum?

Goals JenaVersum Goals JenaVersum Graphic: JenaVersum

More than 150 kick-off talks were held to identify the goals of JenaVersum. The Zukunftskonferenz JenaVersum 2023 will define the goals for the next three to five years.

In which areas do the JenaVersum partners work together?

fields of action JenaVersum fields of action JenaVersum Graphic: JenaVersum

JenaVersums work is focussed on five areas of activity: joint international location marketing, open dialogue on research agenda & initiatives, coordinated use of research infrastructure, coordinated transfer/outreach joint strategic location development.

Kooperation in JenaVersum Kooperation in JenaVersum Image: JenaVersum/Schroll/Gildemeister


Dana Strauß, Dr
Dana Strauss
Room 003
Zwätzengasse 3
07743 Jena
Magdalena Voll
Room 003
Zwätzengasse 3
07743 Jena
One of the two communication centers will be built next to the university main building (dark block).
Helping Jena’s science network to grow further
Carl Zeiss Foundation provides 18.4 million euros to fund two Jena University communication centres.