view at Jena with JenTower and Kernberge

Free space for your ideas

view at Jena with JenTower and Kernberge
Image: von DZiegler auf Adobe Stock

You have an idea! With us you are ready to work immediately! Free working space, critical feedback and working in a stimulating, dynamic environment - that's FreiRaum. Become part of a startup community and let your idea come to life.

We offer:

  • Modern office workstations with PC, telephone, internet, printer, copier.
  • Meeting room
  • Competent advice and support
  • Exchange, networking and fun while working with other founders

What do you bring with you?

  • an idea in the form of a three pages idea sketch


  1. Piontek, Matthias Gründungsberatung / Koordination Thüringer Hochschulgründernetzwerk SZ Forschung u. Transfer
    Matthias Piontek
    Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)
  2. Schindek, Ralf Gründungsberatung SZ Forschung u. Transfer +49 3641 9-402120

    Kahlaische Straße 1
    07745 Jena