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General Information

Dear students and guests,

The Institute for Languages offers a wide range of language courses and skills to students, staff and guests of FSU Jena.

We are delighted to have an excellent working relationship with the University Student Council. This co-operation enables us to maintain, and even extend, our range of courses to meet the changing needs of students.

Students who attend a language course that is required by their study programme (according to their faculty's study regulations), are not required to pay a course fee.

Students who attend language courses as an option (ie: the course they attend is not a required part of their study programme) must pay a fee (click here for payment Information). These payments contribute to maintaining our range of courses. Without these, individuall nominal, payments we would not be able to support some of our teaching activities, to the detriment of FSU's students.

Students who have registered and been accepted for a course - you can check this using Friedolin, the online registration system - should transfer the course fee (click here for payment information) and give a copy of the payment receipt to the course teacher, at the latest by the third lesson.

Where room and course capacity permit, we also welcome FSU staff and external participants in our courses. Non-students should contact the individual course teacher regarding admission. Non-student participants pay a fee (click here for payment Information) and must give a copy of their payment receipt to the course teacher, at the latest by the third lesson.

We look forward to welcoming you in our courses!

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