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Manage your studies well from the outset
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Welcome to the Friedrich Schiller University Jena!

At the beginning of your studies, you probably have many questions: Where can I live? Is there any timetable? How do I find out when and where my courses take place? Who can I turn to if I have any questions?

We have compiled important information and points of contact for you, so that your studies can run smoothly from the beginning.

What do we offer you at the beginning of your studies?

Preparation courses and placement tests Show content

Our students start their studies with different levels of prior knowledge. That is why there are, in a number of subjects, courses to prepare students for their studies before the semester startsfrom the middle of September if your study programme is beginning in the winter semester and from the middle of March for those starting in the summer semester.
In the preparation courses, gaps in knowledge from students’ high school education will be remedied and existing knowledge refreshed. In addition, these courses provide an opportunity for new students to get to know the university and their new fellow students.

In a number of subjects involving languages, compulsory placement tests also take place before the semester starts.

You may have to register for both types of activity. If you need more information on dates and, if applicable, registration procedures, content, and points of contact, please refer to the following pages:

Study Orientation Days (STET) Show content

For all new students, we held Study Orientation Days before the beginning of the lecture period. On these days, you can gain important information on how to organize your studies as well as valuable tips and insider knowledge from experienced students of your subject—and you get to know your fellow students.

Main events for all new students

  • welcome, general information, welcoming ceremony for new students, workshops
  • events for larger groups:
    • online course management system and timetabling
    • Funding Day: undergraduate and postgraduate studies
    • Market of Opportunities.

=> My studies begin in the winter semester 2018/2019.
=> My studies begin in the summer semester 2019de.

Specific dates and events for your field of study

  • Faculties, institutes, and subject-specific student representative committees may organize additional events for your study programme.

=> My studies begin in the winter semester 2018/2019.
=> My studies begin in the summer semester 2019 (available from the middle of January).

Online course management, timetabling: Friedolin Show content

At our university, students manage their studies themselves using the Friedolin portal—the online course and examination management system. An exception to this is the Faculty of Medicine, where students use the DOSIS system instead.

In Friedolin, you will find module specifications and timetables as well as the course catalogues for all bachelor’s and master’s programmes, and teaching training courses. Enrolled students can set up their timetables, register for exams, view grades, and gain certificates of student status. In the Dates menu option, you will find deadlines for examination registration and other important dates.

To be able to find your way around Friedolin easily from the beginning, we organize general and specific training sessions, and question times at the start of the semester.

In addition to our training sessions, you can also contact our Help Center in Friedolin, use our FAQ section, and our IT support.

Market of Opportunities Show content

The Market of Opportunities is an event organized by Jena’s students. It is rather popular among students, external and internal partners alike.

  • Student (university) groups, associations, and projects present their activities to the public.

Parallel to the Study Orientation Days, this event takes place regularly in the foyer on campus Carl-Zeiss-Straße 3, in 2018 on 11 October, from 12:00 to 16:00.

Do you want to present your institution? Please use the following website to register for the event:

Welcome by the President Show content

11 October 2018, Rosenkeller, Johannisstraße 13

  • Beginning at 19:00: traditional welcome by the President of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Welcoming ceremony for new students Show content

Every year, we welcome our new students with our own welcome celebration: “Feierliche Immatrikulation”. deThe ceremony for the winter semester 2019/2020 takes place on 24 October 2019, at 14:00, in the “Volkshaus Jena”.

We kindly invite all first semester students and their relatives to visit the ceremony.

Extended introductory phase of studies (eSTEP) Show content

During the first few weeks of your studies, there are numerous events and activities to help you growing accustomed to your studies and ultimately to make progress.

Guide for new students Show content

In the Guide for New Students, which the University send you within your starter package, you can find more information on the beginning of your studies at our university.

The guide is also available as an e-paper.

Information for international students Show content

International students can find specific information as well as course dates in the International section.

Student tutors

From October to December, trained student tutors can support you in the initial phase of your studies, and answer any questions you may have.
From the beginning of October, you can find out who your tutor is going to be by looking up in the Study Programme Database.

Central Student Advisory Service
University Main Building / SSZ
Fürstengraben 1
07743 Jena
+49 3641 9-411111
+49 3641 9-411112
Opening hours:
Monday: 9:00–13:00
Tuesday: 9:00–13:00; 14:00–18:00
Wednesday: 11:00–13:00; 14:00–16:00
Thursday 9:00–13:00; 14:00–16:00
Friday: 9:00–13:00

Please arrange appointments outside our opening hours by e-mail.
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