Prospective student is looking for information about the application portal OLAS

Applications via OLAS

Everything you need to know about applications for a master's degree via the application portal OLAS
Prospective student is looking for information about the application portal OLAS
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From 1 December 2021 onwards, you can only apply for specific master's programmes via the application portal Online Application System, short OLAS. Learn more here [pdf, 93 kb] de. Please note that only certain programmes allow applications for the summer. For more information on the application periods please see the download section on this page.

Application for a master's programme

  • Applications can only be made and submitted online.
  • Applications are free of charge for all applicants!
  • All application documents need to be uploaded online as PDF-files to the portal.
  • Please apply during the correct application period.
  • For guidance please check the short application walkthrough.
  • Furthermore, please use the application manual. You find this manual and additional information on application procedures and timeframes further below in the download section.

Should you have further questions, you may check our FAQ page or our consulting services.

Apply now via OLAS!

Due to maintance work the Online Application System may be not available from 6.00 p.m - 8.00 p.m (Central European Time). Please repeat the whole application process another time.

Step by step: Online application process

The application for master's programmes via OLAS is organized in four easy steps. The following step-by-step instructions will show you how to apply correctly. For further detailed information on the application process please check the application manual in the download section.

Step 1 - Register Show content
  • Register yourself in Online Application System (OLAS).
  • Afterwards you will receive an email confirming the registration.
    In this email you will find your username and a system generated password and attached the master application manual.
    Upon your first log in you will be asked to change the system generated password. This amendment is mandatory in order to continue with the application.
Step 2 - Prepare Show content
  • Please inform yourself about the required application documents for the master's programme you wish to apply for (see the respective study information page).
  • Prepare all required documents, scan them and save each document as one single PDF-file (max. 5 MB).
    Please note that you have to upload your official documents (high school, university and language certificates) in their original language along with an official German or English translation. If the documents are already in English or German, then they do not need to be translated.
  • Please do not send any uploaded application documents as hard copies to us!
  • Please make sure to apply during the correct application period!

Please note: You cannot interrupt or cache your online application. You have to do online application process in one go! Thus, please prepare everything you need BEFORE you log in and apply. Furthermore, please carry out the application steps always in the same browser window. Otherwise your application will not be saved correctly.

Step 3 - Apply Show content
  • Fill in the online application:
    Please make sure that you enter your names as stated in your passport. Also, please note that the entry regarding both your correspondence address and your email address have to be kept up-to-date in your application account during the whole application process! All official information (e.g. the official admission letter) is issued and sent via our online application system and, therefore, to the addresses stated in the system.
  • Upload the required application documents (see Step 2) to the intended spaces. The Application Assistant will guide you through the online-application.
  • Before saving your application, please review your entries. Once you saved the application, you cannot upload any further documents! Thus, if you want to add documents, you have to delete the saved application and have to apply again and repeat the entire application process.
Step 4 - Send registration form Show content
  • Please download and save the automatically generated registration form "Application for Admission at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena to the Masters Programme" by clicking the button "download application".
  • Sign the form. To do so, please print out the form, sign it and then scan the signed form.
  • Please submit the signed registration form "Application for Admission at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena to the Masters Programme" as a PDF-file via email to                                                                                                                                                 

Please note: Only after receiving your signed "Application for Admission at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena to the Masters Programme" within the deadline (reference: date of receipt of the email*), your application will process further and will take part in the selection procedure.

(*This does not apply to applications for MSc Psychology! Here the deadline for receipt of the signed application form by email is by 31 May at the latest!)

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