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Questions relevant to students beginning their studies in the winter semester 2020/21

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Semester dates and lecture period Show content

The semester period from 1 October 2020 to 31 March 2021 remains unchanged.

The lecture period will begin on 2 November 2020 and end on 12 February 2021.

The decision to postpone the beginning of the lecture period by two weeks, to 2 November 2020, is based on a decision of the Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs from April 2020. This is due to the postponed Abitur examinations and, consequently, the postponed application deadlines for study programmes with admission restrictions subject to the DoSV application procedure.

Beginning of your studies Show content

At the beginning of your studies, you probably have many questions: Where can I live? Is there any timetable? How do I find out when and where my courses take place? Who can I turn to if I have any questions?

Course formats Show content

The university executive board has decided to further adapt its measures to the regulations of the city and state.

Teaching and Examinations

On 14.12.2020 a new general decree of the city of Jena* has come into force.

This also regulates face-to-face teaching and presence for research purposes at the University of Jena:

"There will no longer be any presence teaching at the universities. Practical educational sections that cannot be postponed or research work that requires special laboratory or work rooms are permitted. This also applies to the use of academic libraries. Likewise, necessary examinations shall be made possible."

The university management decides, over and above the general decree of the city, that all face-to-face teaching will be suspended from Wednesday 16.12.2020. The only exceptions to this are examinations that must necessarily be conducted in presence. This will initially apply until 31 January 2021.

Do I have to wear a face mask at the University? Show content

All University members and guests are obliged to wear a facemask covering their mouth and nose inside the buildings and on the premises of Friedrich Schiller University

  • irrespective of the distance, in all areas generally accessible within University buildings (such as corridors, washrooms, entrances and exits, tea kitchens and social rooms, shared printers, and open access areas / bookshelves in the ThULB; it also applies on the way to or when leaving seats in lecture halls, seminar rooms and PC pools).
  • when the minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained;
  • also in lecture halls, seminar rooms, PC pools and during examinations

Exceptions: A face covering only has to be worn in offices and outdoors if the distance between people is less than 1.5 m.

University’s Hygiene and Infection Prevention Plan  [pdf, 379 kb] de

Which rules apply to on-site events? Show content

The heads of government decided that higher education institutions and universities should in principle switch to digital teaching.

For us, this means that from 1 December 2020 there will be no classroom teaching activities. Excluded from this regulation are laboratory and device trainings, practical sports exercises, practical training phases and supervisions with medical indication. Also excluded are tests and exams that cannot be converted to digital formats. In order to ensure planning security, the regulation applies until the end of the lecture period on 12 February 2021.

Room occupancy is based on the specifications of Lecture Hall Management in the Division for Construction and Facility Management on the possible occupancy density under pandemic conditions (application for rooms via

The lecturers or organizers of the event are to inform the participants in advance about the applicable distance and hygiene rules [pdf, 378 kb] de [pdf, 379 kb] de and ensure that they are observed.

Participants of on-site events are obliged to register via the digital contact person registration QRoniton using the QR code of the specific room at the beginning of the event. For external attendance events, attendance lists with contact data are maintained in order to facilitate contact tracing in case of an infection.

By registering via QR code or at external events, participants declare in writing that they are free of corona symptoms and risk contacts and that they will adhere to the rules of distance and hygiene.

Everyone must wear a facemask covering the nose and mouth when moving around inside university buildings and also when seated during lectures, seminars, etc., and at computer workstations. During teaching attended by students in person (e.g. language teaching), teaching staff are not obliged to wear a facemask if they maintain a distance of 3 m.

Manual ventilation is mandatory in rooms without mechanical ventilation. As a basic rule for office rooms: ventilate hourly over the entire window area for 3 minutes (in winter) or 10 minutes (in summer); meeting and seminar rooms, as well as lecture halls without mechanical ventilation should be ventilated every 20 minutes. In addition, ventilation should be provided for 15 minutes after each course (but at least every 90 minutes).

The offering of drinks and open meals in the form of buffets or similar is prohibited.

Detecting chains of infection Show content

It is only possible to visit facilities such as the library and maintain the shared use of student workstations with Internet access if we can consistently trace chains of contact so as to help stop infections. To this end, the University of Jena is using QR codes, which are scanned with a smartphone to record a person’s presence in a room. 

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Der Tresenbereich und das thoska-Büro im Studierenden-Service-Zentrum (SSZ) sind bis auf weiteres geschlossen.

Beratungen und die Bearbeitung Ihrer Anliegen bieten wir im Moment ausschließlich per Telefon, E-Mail und Post an.

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Die Beratungen finden wahlweise als Telefonberatungen oder individuelle Video-Beratungen via Zoom statt.

Terminvereinbarungen erfolgen per E-Mail oder telefonisch montags bis freitags von 09:00 bis 11:00 Uhr unter +49 3641 9-411111.

Zudem können Sie Ihre Fragen auch gern in unserer offenen Runde – der Online-Gruppen-Beratung – stellen. Diese findet mittwochs von 11:00 bis 13:00 Uhr via Zoom statt. Teilnehmen können Sie über folgenden Link: (Passwort: ZSB2020).
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