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Junior studies

At our university, you can do it both—go to school and study
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Pupils who, according to their teachers, show a particular talent can study at our university while they are still at school. Similarly as other students, our junior students can take part in courses, acquire academic achievements, and take examinations for which receive the corresponding credit points. As a result, they can complete individual courses or whole modules while going to school and may request a recognition of their performance later during their regular studies at the university.

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The programme is geared to motivated and top-performing pupils in classes 10 and above. It is the schools which decide whether their pupils who applied for the programme should be accepted as junior students at the University. If they agree, head teachers grant their pupils leave of absence from their lessons so that the pupils may take part in courses at the University, too. Attending the courses at the university is considered as school lessons. The given schools decides to what extent their pupils may be absent from their usual lessons at school.

The University can only grant admission to junior studies if there are free places within particular courses.

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Generally, junior students should choose the courses for occasional students which are ideal for talented pupils, too. In addition, they can also participate in other seminars and lectures which can be found in the current course catalogue of the individual faculties. For more information, please contact subject-specific academic advisors who will be glad to help you select the courses that suit you best.

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You can register for the Junior Studies programme in the Student Service Centre. Please fill in the application form [pdf 319KB] [PDF 42KB] and enclose the approval from your school, a short application letter, a CV in tabular form, a copy of the last final certificate (marks), and a passport photo.

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Applicants must submit their application documents to the Student Service Centre by 15 March (summer semester) or by 15 September (winter semester). After the registration has been processed and approved, the pupil is granted admission to participate in programme. The University will inform the school accordingly.

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As a junior student, you can take examinations in the courses selected if you fulfil the admission requirements, e.g. if you complete a minimum number of exercises successfully. In subject with restricted admission, you usually cannot take any examinations or complete course work. Depending on specific courses and their regulations, assessed course work may be examinations, presentations, or seminar papers.

If you are expected to take an examination, you must register for the examination first. As a junior student, you must submit the registration form for junior students to the examiner who must fill in the information on the examination and your results after the examination. If you pass the examination, must submit the complete form to the Student Service Centre.

After you have gained the secondary school leaving certificate, you can submit a request on recognition of the academic results achieved during the junior studies within your study programme at later point.


Junior studies is even embedded in the Thuringian Higher Education Act (ThürHG). As a junior student you are not enrolled at the university, however, you still receive your own student ID card.

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