thoska card for staff


thoska is a multifunctional chip card which can be used by various user groups of Thuringian higher education institutions, libraries, and of the student organization services Studierendenwerk Thüringen. This contactless card has many features: it functions as an electronic wallet for paying your meals in canteens, as a copy and printing card, or as an electronic key for accessing rooms and lockers.

Here you can find information about thoska card for staff.

  • Features of thoska card

    The thoska card for staff of the University has these features:

    • ID card for staff (its validity must be updated using self-service terminals),
    • Library card in all libraries related to the institutions of higher education in Thuringia after registration, e.g. Thuringian State and University Library, ThULBExternal link),
    • Copying and printing services at self-service facilities,
    • Electronic wallet for paying in canteens and cafeterias,
    • Access to buildings, rooms, and lockers.
  • Layout of thoska card
    thoska card for staff (from left to right: front, back)
    thoska card for staff (from left to right: front, back)
    Image: Uni Jena


  • Applying for a thoska card

    Being staff of the University, you can apply for a personal thoska card in the thoska Office. Please see the following links:

    If you lose your thoska card or damage it yourself, the thoska Office will charge you €10 fee for a replacement card. You can pay the surcharge at the thoska Office by debit card only.

  • Validating your thoska card

    The thoska card you are issued as an employee of the University is assigned a limited validity period based on your employment. However, the validity period cannot be longer than two years. After two years, you must revalidate the thoska card.
    To validate your thoska card, please use one of the self-service terminals or visit the thoska office.

    Self-service terminals are located at:

    • Ernst-Abbe Platz (campus), Jena, building 6/7, foyer between the lecture theatres 4 and 5,
    • Student Service Centre, University Main Building (entrance: Löbdergraben), Jena,
    • University Main Building, Jena, (entrance: Schlossgasse), in the connecting passage to the assembly hall, on the left,
    • Thuringian University and State Library, Bibliotheksplatz 2, Jena, the lending desk next to the vending machines,
    • canteen at Philosophenweg 20, Jena, foyer beside the charging stations,
    • medicine branch library, Lobeda, Jena, entrance, on the left.
  • Lost your thoska card

    If you have lost your thoska card, please have it blocked immediately in the thoska office. The University does not accept any liability for non-authorized use of thoska cards lost.
    If you are the user of additional libraries, e.g. in Erfurt or Weimar, you must report your card lost there, too. The new exhibition costs a fee of 10,00€ and can only be paid on site by debit card.

    For security reasons, your lost thoska card, which have been found again, can only be unlocked if you can prove that you are the rightful owner. Afterwards, your thoska cards can be unlocked immediately within the application systems (e.g. in the Thuringian student services organization, in the Thuringian University and State Library in Jena, in the electronic access control system). In other cases, unlocking can lasts longer.
    Once the card has been unlocked, you are able to use it as usual. If a new thoska card has been issued in the meantime, please do NOT dispose the former one as you can have any credit left on the thoska card still reimbursed.

  • Copying via internal cost centres

    Employees of the University can apply for internal copying services using internal cost centres. Please fill in the form under this linkExternal link.

    In addition, you can also apply for additional copying accounts for copying services to be surcharged to respective cost centres. Please see this link de.

    When applying, you must specify the account assignment (“Kontierung”) and obtain the signature of the person(s) responsible for the given cost centre.

    To prevent any misuse by non-authorized persons, copying accounts are protected by PINs. You can enter your PIN while picking up your card in the thoska office. Please keep your PIN stored separately from your thoska card.
    It is not permitted to charge cost centres for copies made for personal use.

    For more information on this feature see this linkExternal link.