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Head of University Archives, Archive Groups 16th century - 1850

Mr. apl. Prof. Dr. phil.habil. Joachim Bauer  phone: 03641/944419
   fax: 03641/940092  
   email: brief

Reference Service, Archive Groups 1850-1945, Private Papers
Mrs. Margit Hartleb, Dipl.-Lehrerin
 phone: 03641/940091  
   fax: 03641/940092  
   email: brief  
Archive Groups 1945-1990, Records Centre (Requests; 1990-up to now), Education
Ms. Rita Seifert, M. A.; Dipl.-Archivarin (FH)
 phone: 03641/940094  
   fax: 03641/940092  
   email:  brief  
Records Centre (Accession; 1990-up to now)

Mr. Marcus Dudek, M. A.

 phone.: 03641/940095 or
            03641/940093 (afternoon)
   fax: 03641/940096
   email: brief  
Staff/Student/Graduation/Doctorate Records, Statements Study Period
Mrs. Gudrun Ritze, Archivassistentin
 phone:  03641/940093  
   fax: 03641/940096  
   email: brief  
Bachelor and Master Records
Mrs. Kathleen Theil
 phone: 03641/940093 or -97

 fax: 03641/940096
   email: brief  
Student Assistant  phone: 03641/940098 (afternoon)  
Mr. Paul Louis Mikat

Mr. Sven Schwede
 phone: 03641/940097



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