Technical and infrastructural services

Technical operations management
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The Division for Construction and Facility Management is in charge of the University of Jena’s facility management. We offer a great number of services, focusing on the operation and management of university facilities and technical infrastructures. Every day, our experts from the Technical Infrastructure and Facility Management/Services team work hard to ensure smooth university operations.

Beutenberg Campus is managed by a different facility management team: Beutenberg Campus Management.

What we offer:

Infrastructural Services

Technical Services

Facilities and properties

Responsible units

To request a repair or report technical faults, graffiti or pest control issues, please visit:  Technical faults and Service Desk de.

Are you looking for a particular form or manual? Visit this page de.

Infrastructural services

Booking rooms/lecture theatres

You can book any of the university’s rooms and lecture theatres. For more information (including available display boards, outdoor areas, function rooms, banner spaces, power supply), please visit this page de.

Please note: The Media TechnologyExternal link unit now belongs to the University Computer Centre.

Transport services
Caretaking services
Cleaning services
Document destruction/removal
Keys/locking systems
Relocation services
Postal services
Waste management

The University of Jena has several departments that deal with the removal of waste.

For all general questions about waste and waste disposals, please visit this page de.

To request the removal, collection and appropriate disposal of damaged furniture, equipment and other inventory items or to request document destructions, please contact our Caretaking Services de.

For all questions about dangerous goods, please contact our  Dangerous Goods Safety AdvisorsExternal link.

Energy management

Technical services

Telephones/communication technology

To learn everything you need to know about your telephone—from instructions, de-registrations, registrations, relocations to reporting faults—please visit this page: Communication technology de.

To contact our Service Desk directly, please follow this this linkExternal link.

Event electricity

If you need electricity for an event held on university premises, please complete and submit the following request formExternal link.

Technical repairs
Fire alarm systems deactivation

If you are a university memeber and would like us to temporarily deactivate a fire alarm system, please log a request with our Service DeskExternal link 

If you are an external service provider, please submit this formpdf, 143 kb · de.

Large equipment request forms

To request existing or the acquisition of new large equipment, you must complete and submit the following appendix: Appendix—Purchase Orders/Equipment Requestspdf, 181 kb · de. Please make sure to submit this appendix alongside the Large Equipment Request Form (Großgeräteantrag).

Any equipment must be approved by Division 4 unless it meets the following requirements:

  • the equipment can be powered with existing 230V/1000W power sockets;
  • the equipment does not require any additional services (compressed air, speciality gas, water, wastewater, coolants, air supply and extraction, air conditioning, etc.);
  • the equipment will not have any detrimental effects on the environment (noise, exhaust gases, radiation, etc.);
  • the equipment’s floorspace is negligible and will not require any additional floorspace or relocations;
  • no structural modifications or measures are needed to use the equipment (flooring and wall paint renewals, room darkening, door widening, demolition or construction of partition walls, etc.) and
  • the equipment will not have a significant impact on the static load.
Technical supply systems modifications/extensions

The Section for Technical Infrastructure is your first contact for all technical supply system modifications and extensions that may be required as a result of acquiring new equipment or changing the use of existing laboratories and workrooms.

To submit a request, please follow this link de.

Facilities & properties

Facility and property management
Guest houses at the University of Jena

The University of Jena runs three guest houses for visitors from all around the world. For more information, please visit this page de.

Contact: herberge@uni-jena.de

 Simply submit one of the following request forms to book your preferred accommodation:


Heating, water, electricity, internet, furniture, fresh towels and bed linens, residential waste disposals, etc. are included in the rent. Each guest house has a designated caretaker and contact person. Detailed guest house prices are listed on each booking request form. You may also rent parking spaces or telephones for an additional fee.

Tree maintenance

Responsible units


The Division for Construction and Facility Management works with numerous applications. For an overview of all applications and contact persons please follow this linkExternal link.

The University of Jena’s facility management information system JULIfm is a CAFM-system that serves as an information and management portal for various areas of the university’s administration. By connecting existing graphic data (vector data, images, pixel graphics) to numerical data from databases it helps to make the university’s planning, operational and management  processes more effective.

To access JULIfm, please follow this linkExternal link.

Beutenberg Campus management

The University of Jena’s designated service provider Universitäts-Service-Gesellschaft,External link (UJS) oversees the provision of continuing education and campus management at Beutenberg Campus and  Dornburg PalaceExternal link.

Your contact person for all Beutenberg Campus university facilities is Daniela Sommer de in Division 4.

For more information on the University of Jena’s property management, please visit this page de.

Inventory management

Our inventory management is overseen by Nancy Wieczorek de.

Facility Management/Services
Technical Infrastructure