Portuguese (Brazilian & European)

Portuguese is a world language and is related to the Spanish language.

Portuguese is spoken in the “four corners” of the world: in Europe (Portugal), in Africa (Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé und Príncípe), in Asia (Macao, Goa, and Diu as well as East Timor), and in South America (Brazil). Brazilian Portuguese is the biggest regional variation with around 270 million speakers. Although its pronunciation differs from European Portuguese, speakers of each variety have no problems understanding one another.

The world’s fair in Hanover (2000) introduced Brazil as a country proud of its multi-ethnicity, its colourful people that express their joy of life, their gentleness, and philanthropy with beautiful music against all odds. If you like Samba and Bossa Nova, you know about the character of the Portuguese language. Anyone not familiar with this music should go and listen.
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Head of the Roman Languages Section (except French)

Dr. Álvaro Fernández