Committee on Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice

Commission acc. § 5 part 1 of the Guidelines for the Protection of Good Scientific Practice in Friedrich Schiller University

In 2006, Friedrich Schiller University Jena established a committee whose task it is to develop and ensure compliance with basic principles and procedural rules for safeguarding good scientific practice at all University institutions.

It is further convened to investigate allegations of scientific misconduct. The Committee consists of a chairperson—elected by the Senate on the basis of a recommendation by the President—, the Vice-President for Research ex officio, and a member from the Faculty of Law as legal expert.

It may consult with a representative from one of the status groups involved in a particular case, who will then have advisory capacity. In addition, it may include up to three more experts with advisory capacity on a case-by-case basis. The Committee meets in closed session and upon request of one of its members.

You can find the current members of the Committee and the Persons of trust on the German website de. The Declaration for the Protection of Good Scientific Practice can be found hereExternal link.