Student writes formulas on a virtual blackboard

Dies Legendi 2021

Presence, Online, Hybrid - Potentials for Teaching after the Pandemic
Student writes formulas on a virtual blackboard
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The theme "Presence, Online, Hybrid - Potentials for Teaching after Pandemic" of the DIES LEGENDI on November 23, 2021 was fittingly reflected in its hybrid event format. Nearly 200 registered participants were able to watch the ceremonial presentation of the teaching awards and the LiP Awards (Teaching in Pandemic Times). The panel discussion, moderated by Jan-Martin Wiarda, also took place online or in presence. Thematically, the event focused on the future of university teaching and aimed to inform about particularly successful teaching formats, which were also created during the corona semesters, to offer space for exchange of experiences and to discuss new forms of design and development in teaching.

Presentation of the Teaching Awards and LiP Awards (Teaching in Pandemic Times)

The presentation of the teaching awards 2021 honored special achievements in teaching and exemplary ideas in the categories 'Best Course Design' and 'Dealing with Diversity' by the University of Jena. The general teaching prize went to Dr. Nils Töpfer (Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences) for the conception of the seminar 'On the scientific foundation of psychotherapy: a somewhat different introduction to effectiveness and process research'. The prize in the thematic focus was awarded to Prof. Dr. Michael Wermke, Dr. Sophie Seher and Fahed Al-Janabi (Faculty of Theology) for the seminar 'Culturally and Religion Sensitive Parenting'.

In 2021, the Academy for Teaching Development (ALe) also announced the 'Teaching in times of Pandemic' (LiP) Award as a special one-time recognition for outstanding faculty engagement in the first two Corona semesters. Awards were given for teaching concepts that were ad hoc and successfully converted to a digital format or for which other convincing solutions were found for the realization of teaching. The LiP Awards were ceremoniously presented to the winners by Prof. Dr. Siebenhüner and Dr. Katja Hüfner during the DIES LEGENDI 2021.

Detailed information on the teaching award concepts and the LiP Awards can be found here.

Presentation of the awarded teaching concepts and the funded teaching projects

After the presentation of the teaching awards and LiP Awards, the award winners presented their respective event concepts in digital or present showcase spaces, thus providing valuable insights into their academic teaching. In addition, the respective project leaders presented their current ALe-funded teaching projects by means of posters, films or presentations. The showcases, which were mainly moderated by members of the ALe expert panel, also provided an opportunity for exchange among the teaching staff.

Panel discussion "What leaves? What remains? Teaching at the University after the Pandemic"

The panel discussion, moderated by science journalist Dr. Jan-Martin Wiarda, addressed acute questions: How can the experience gained in digital teaching be transformed into the future? Which digital formats have proven successful? What will be the relationship between face-to-face teaching and digital teaching in the future? In addition to the vice president and another professorial member (Prof. Dr. Martin Ammon), the panel guests also included a member of the mid-level staff (Dr. Stefan Schwerdfeger) as well as student representatives (Lea Zaubitzer, Leonie Graf) and the CDO of the University of Jena (Frederik Schulz). Despite the very different attitudes and clear voices in support of face-to-face teaching, the participants agreed that the teaching of the future should not dispense with digital components.


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The DIES LEGENDI has been established as a new annual discourse format and invites the interdisciplinary exchange of thoughts and ideas on the design of studies and teaching.

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