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Guest Houses at the University of Jena

guesthouse IBZ
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

As Friedrich Schiller University Jena welcomes numerous visiting scientists and scholars from around the world every year, it has three guest houses with single, double and family apartments to ensure a smooth arrival and a pleasant stay.


Current information on the coronavirus and the arrangements made by the City of Jena can be found here.

Here you will find your individual contact person and all the first steps after arrival in general.

Terms and Conditions

  • Rental period: The apartments in our guest houses may be rented for a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year. Please do not hesitate to contact us for arrangements beyond this period.

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  • House rules: Please observe the guest house rules, which you will receive with your tenancy agreement, as well as our University’s house rules. Please show respect and consideration for the other tenants and treat the building and its furnishings with care.

  • Keys: Please take good care of the keys given to you, as any loss may pose a security risk and may involve considerable costs. Please remember to return your keys to the office before your departure.

  • Insurance: We strongly recommend taking out liability insurance for the duration of your stay!

  • Cleaning: You will be responsible for the tidiness and cleanliness of your apartment during your stay.

  • Pets: Pets are not allowed in our guest houses.

  • Smoking: Smoking is not permitted inside our guest houses.


  • Furniture: The apartments in all three guest houses are fully furnished.

  • Kitchens: In the guest houses ‘IBZ’ and ‘Am Herrenberge 11’, every apartment has its own kitchen. In the guest house ‘Forstweg 26’, there is a shared kitchen on every floor and some apartments have their own kitchen. All kitchens are equipped with electrical appliances and kitchenware.

  • Water quality: Tap water in Germany is safe to drink.

  • Sockets: All guest houses are fitted with sockets for plug type F (Schuko plug). Please bring any adapters you might need.

  • Laundry service: The beds come with a quilt and pillow.
    You will be given a set of towels and bedding upon arrival, which you can exchange for a fresh set—free of charge—twice a month during the laundry service opening hours (see your guest house site).

  • Washing machines: Our guest houses are equipped with communal washing machines and tumble dryers.

  • Telecommunications: All apartments have a television and a telephone and Internet connection (LAN). In addition, WiFi is available in the guest houses, as well.

Prices and Payment Methods

  • Rent: The rent depends on the size of the apartment and the number of rooms. More detailed information is provided on the booking form. The link to the form—with contact details—can be found on the guest house sites.

  • Rent payments: Rent is to be paid monthly in advance—by the third working day of the month—via credit card or bank transfer. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash payments.

  • Running costs: Heating, electricity and hot water costs are included in the rent.

  • Telecommunications: Broadcasting and Internet fees are included in the rent. You will receive a separate invoice for the use of the landline telephone.

  • Parking spaces: A car parking space can be requested for 20 euros a month.

  • End of tenancy cleaning: When you move out of your apartment, you will have to pay for the cleaning costs in addition to your last month’s rent. The costs will depend on the size of your apartment.

Guest House

guesthouse IBZ
IBZ (Humboldt-Haus)
Information about the guest house and contact
guesthouse Am Forstweg
Guest House Forstweg 26
Information about the guest house and contact
guesthouse Am Herrenberge 11
Guest House Am Herrenberge 11
Information about the guest house and contact

Here you can find general information about your stay at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena:
International doctoral candidates     International visiting scientists and scholars
You can find useful tips for organizing your everyday life here.

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