Bohemian Switzerland


The language of Johann Amos Comenius and Václav Havel.
Bohemian Switzerland
Image: Iva Balk – pixabay

Germany’s bordering state is known for its art of brewing as well as for its poets and other famous people, such as Johann Amos Comenius, Václav Havel, or Franz Kafka. The landscape of the Czech Republic is varied, with mountains and valleys. The highest mountain of the country is found in the Krkonoše (the Giant Mountains) – the Sněžka (Snowy Top Mountain) rises to c. 1.600 m. While almost 11 million people speak Czech, it is also similar to the Slovak language, so that speakers of either can understand each other without problems.

The Czech courses at the Language Centre take place in partnership with the Slavic Studies Institute (Institut für Slawistik). The Language Centre is responsible for the data of the participants.

You can find the current courses as well as all information about the courses in the online administration system Friedolin de. There we provide a short course overview.

Head of the Eastern European Languages Section

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