Kirche in Rostow / Church in Rostow


Russian is a world language with around 150 million native speakers.
Kirche in Rostow / Church in Rostow
Image: Pixabay / cattu


Russia is the country with the biggest territory in the world, covering almost 11.5% of the land. Over 200 million people in the world speak it, so it is no wonder that Russian is a major world language. It is closely related to Ukrainian and Belarusian. A learner of Russian needs perseverance and engagement to learn both the Cyrillic script and the complex grammar. If you are motivated and can dedicate yourself to learning, you will have a lot of joy when communicating in Russian.
You can find our current courses and all related information in the online administration system Friedolin de. We provide a short course overview.

Head of the Eastern European Languages Section

Dr. Daniel Karakaschew
Room 517
Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8
07743 Jena
+49 3641 9-401810
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