Laptop mit Startseite des Universitätsarchivs Jena in UrMEL

Digital Archive Project

Laptop mit Startseite des Universitätsarchivs Jena in UrMEL
Image: MockUp, graphicburger

In order to be able to make our holdings digitally available, a program was started in 1998 in collaboration with the university library and the university data center to provide university files electronically.

The presentation is based on a complex data model that enables a deep indexing of the file down to the individual document. As part of a pilot project, selected files from several collections of the historical archives were scanned and made usable via UrMEL.

In 2015, Dr. Hans Meinl from Jena allowed the University Archives to digitize the collection of posters he designed himself for events organized by the student club "Rosenkeller" in the 1970s and 1980s. Cooperation with the ThULB made it possible to digitize the posters. Together with Dr. Meinl the contents of the posters in the university archive were made accessible. With the artist's approval, they are now available to the public via UrMEL.

In 2020, the documents on Ernst Abbe in the holdings M (Faculty of Philosophy) and V Abt. V (private papers of Ernst Abbe) were also made available to the public in digital form via UrMEL.

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